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Obama Set to Discover Inheriting Your Own Mess Is Hard

Larry113 Wrote: Nov 23, 2012 12:18 PM
To fix the economy and education would require that Obama takes on serious reform vs the Teacher's Union, SEIU, and Reduced Taxes. If you believe that Obama will do any of that I've got an ocean view lot in Montana for you to buy.
AmericanObserver Wrote: Nov 23, 2012 12:51 PM
Larry113....nothing you said here is correct. First, the "Teacher's Union (which one are you talking about, by the way?)" has nothing whatsoever to do with student performance. Do you have any specific data that supports your claim (actually there IS a positive correlation between increased student performance and union membership....but, of course, as with most Republicans you do not deal with 'facts' and could not possible countenance that). Second, what does the SEIU have to do with either the economy, or specifically, education. Third, in terms of Reduced Taxes, empirical data has actually shown a distinct parallel between reduced taxes and a slowing of the economy,.
renny4 Wrote: Nov 23, 2012 1:01 PM
I do.

Teachers' unions (my NEA) have fought criitical testing on every level,, helped enforce the dumbiing down of the SATs (recentering in 1995), and have supported every birdbrained and useless "trend" (Whole Language-illiteracy; multiculturalism--hate the US; social studies over actual history--the loss of conctete knowledge of data and facts; yadda yadda).

You see those screaming banshee "teachers" in WI and Chicago strikes? Think they are any good at classsroom management and instruction? Then, go buy the Brooklyn Bridge.
AmericanObserver Wrote: Nov 23, 2012 1:11 PM
"My" union (also) - the NEA - did nothing of the sort. The teachers unions, instead, have correctly been against most of the mindless so-called "accountability" (i.e. the phrase used by politicians who know nothing about education) measures over the past decade or so. Also, your use of the phrases "hate the US", "multi-culturalism", "social issues" show your political bias only; they say nothing about student performance. You apparently don't like those issues so you falsely blame the unions. Don't you find it ironic that current Republicans and, apparently, you cry about the loss of 'concrete knowledge,' yet love to deny climate change and preach the "alternative" of "intelligent design." Stop blaming unions.
Tom1000 Wrote: Nov 23, 2012 1:25 PM
I've got a spouse as a teacher who is overwhelmed with paperwork designed to provide "data" . . . and nothing else. A program statewide that robs HOURS of classroom time and time to grade essays that might give struggling students more time to turn around their grades. To top it off, the schools are encouraged to "market" themselves as a block against threatened charter schools. If instructional time was put front and center, instead of the top-down "programs" purchased with wasted taxpayer dollars designed to cull meaningless "statistics", any threat from charter schools, and more importantly, genuine improvement in student scores, would follow naturally.
MudontheTires Wrote: Nov 23, 2012 1:50 PM
Larry113....nothing you said here is correct.

Really? Because it runs counter to your prog talking points AO?

From Afghanistan to the economy, the to-do list facing the president of the United States is extensive and overwhelming. Townhall breaks down the challenges Obama inherited ... from himself.


From Townhall Magazine's December feature, "The Next Four Years" by the Townhall Staff:

For four years, President Obama and his team never failed to remind Americans of the state of the country he inherited from his Oval Office predecessor. The mess left at the end of Obama’s first term, however, makes the...