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Cuddly Symbols Not Cooperating in Climate Panic

Larry113 Wrote: Apr 24, 2012 2:04 PM
Global "Warming" has been flat for a decade. If the Viking farms in Greenland are not capable of growing wheat and grazing cattle (there not) then we haven't yet reached the medieval warm high that we know existed. Good science requires that you take all data into account, not just that which supports your theory. Every item in the article is a case of cherry picked data being exposed when all the data is in. Cherry picked data is a sure sign that the researcher has a political not a scientific agenda. Money and peer pressure are huge issues with scientist just like everyone else. Global warming is "IN" and money flows to the "IN" research.
In a better world, debates about science -- and nearly everything else -- would be conducted without resort to demagoguery, sentimentality, cynical manipulation, or hysteria. In the world we inhabit, those tactics are dismayingly routine. Still, the great weakness of overwrought predictions of doom is that they can be checked.

The past year has not been kind to the most potent symbols of climate change hysteria. Consider the polar bears. Among the most moving images of the warmists' warnings was the solitary polar bear, supposedly marooned on an ice floe. The image became iconic after it was published in Science Magazine....