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The Common Core Conundrum

Larry113 Wrote: Apr 20, 2014 10:31 PM
I was one of those kids who was subjected to "New Math" by the education elites grand schemes. When I went to college I had to take a bunch of no credit math classes in college just to learn what I was supposed to learn before. Now these elites want to experiment on another generation of children, who will suffer in their education. Those pushing common core don't care about the children, only profits and political power.
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An Adolescent Aptitude for Federalism

Larry113 Wrote: Dec 02, 2012 3:27 AM
In 2007 I had $100,000 in my IRA and $10,000 in savings. Then my job got downsized due to the government screwing up the economy. It took 3 years to replace my job and my savings are 0 and my IRA is 33,000. I am paying off the IRS penalties from living off my IRA and paying my daughter's medical bills without insurance. No government help is available because the government says she is not sick enough. She had to quite her LMT practice and move home and can't work. Now they want to tax my savings and steal from my 401K? The time has come to melt the phone lines to congress and tell them to show some backbone. I better not meet any of my senators or my congressman. It might get violent.
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Obamacare And The New Corporate Welfare

Larry113 Wrote: Nov 25, 2012 11:54 PM
That was the Republican Party not Conservatives. Conservatives are for small limited government which only does things impractical to do in a private way. Everything listed above was done by the Republican Party joining with liberals and against conservatives. Whenever liberals want to claim that Republicans want big government too, they always quote cases where the leadership sold out. There is nothing listed above that a Conservative would want, but many Progressive Republicans do.
Newt is a progressive too. He just wants big gov to regulate different things than the Dems. Don't be fooled by Newts conservative talk, he is just as into government in your life as Obama or McCain. Look at voting records to see where Newt really stands. He puts on a good conservative show then votes for more big government.
To fix the economy and education would require that Obama takes on serious reform vs the Teacher's Union, SEIU, and Reduced Taxes. If you believe that Obama will do any of that I've got an ocean view lot in Montana for you to buy.
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Romney Was Not the Problem

Larry113 Wrote: Nov 23, 2012 2:03 AM
I think that we started loosing when after the first debate, Romney started playing defense rather than continue to attack. The large number of Republicans who stayed home rather than vote for a less than perfect cantidate are more to blame than any other factor. If your a republican who stayed home because Romney was a Mormon, Not Conservative enough, or whatever other reason YOU are responsible for the economic chaos about to hit this country.
This is so sad. Mia is a wonderful mayor and would have been great in Congress. Matheson is a do nothing congressman who rode if popular Governor father's name recognition to congress and has done nothing useful since.
My mother is from Canada. They complain about it all the time, like we complain about taxes. They don't like it, but feel helpless to do anything about it. The rich come to America to get better services the rest of them are stuck. It's like social security, everyone knows it's broke, you can't afford to live on it, but just try to get a politician to do anything about it. Once you kill the private sector no one has a a clue how to restart it again.
My uncle in Ottawa needed minor foot surgery, the kind that is usually handled same day in the USA. I Canada, it took 11 months because the limited facilities and doctors kept bumping his surgery date because his injury was not life threatening. That is where we are headed. Doctor and facilities shortages will lead to delays and denials. Medicare denies payment on twice as many things as any private health care company. Obamacare gives control of your healthcare to the people who brought you the DMV. Get ready to wait.
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Drought! Famine! Global…Cooling?

Larry113 Wrote: Oct 16, 2012 1:27 AM
The climate has been much warmer in the recent past. The medieval warming period made Greenland warmer than it is now. from about 700 AD to 1300 AD it was good farm and grazing land. About 1200 AD it started to get colder and by 1300 AD the farms were abandoned. That is a 500 year period with warmer climate than now and negligible burning of fossil fuels. These climate scientists see a 15 or 30 year rise and think it means something. They keep twisting the data to match their theories but facts are stubborn things and keep coming back no matter how many time they are dismissed.
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