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Throwing in the Towel on Obama

lara3 Wrote: Apr 10, 2013 9:17 PM
You mean someone in Congress has actually tried to read Obamacare? I read it and I know that no one who voted for it actually read it. Oh, right Pelosi told them they had to pass it to read it.
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No Tears for Lynne Stewart

lara3 Wrote: Apr 10, 2013 9:12 PM
These threats to society are guaranteed better medical care than is offered under Obamacare. The government is not allowed to deny them any type of medical care including sex reassignment surgery and transplants regardless of their age.
Well, if Obama and the rest of the "liberals" think it is correct then why haven't they really started doing things, like storing foods, building redoubts in the mountains, moving people from costal cities, etc? Because they don't believe it.
Re: Democrat hysteria and "global warming." Does anyone remember Democrat hysteria and "global cooling?" Remember how we were all going to freeze in our beds. That Canada was going to suffer from total glaciation and everyone would have to move to the equator? Google it and check it out. You believe in "global warming" you deserve to spend the rest of your life trying to explain why you bought beach front propery in Nebraska.
She never answered the question.
A citizen denied the right to own a gun is called a slave. An armed citizen is called a free man.
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Gun Rights Find a New Home

lara3 Wrote: Dec 14, 2012 3:15 PM
The government/s does/do not want to ban guns to make "us" safer. The governments want to ban guns because the governments are afraid of an armed electorate that they cannot control. And, yes, I am afraid of my government. I do not trust them. They have ignored the Constitution which is supposed to protect my rights and make the Federal Government subject to the will of the electorate.
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Sore Winners

lara3 Wrote: Nov 27, 2012 2:56 PM
You know I coulda swore that Obama "won" the election. Why are the Democrats still lying about Republicans and the Tea Party and damning Mitt Romney?
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Killing The Goose

lara3 Wrote: Nov 21, 2012 1:53 AM
There is NO 28th amendment. There are only 27 amendments and none, repeat, none of them say anything about Corporations. In addition, corporations are, indeed, treated as individuals for purposes of taxes and "free speech." You are obviously a product of the American Public School System and have never studied, much less read, the Constitution.
People who become citizens or who were born citizens are not hyphenated anything. They are Americans. Period. Not Cuban Americans or African Americans or Italian Americans or Chinese Americans, but Americans. That's it. Anything else is a smokescreen. Citizenship is important. Ethnic heritage isn't. It is an identity. And tagging oneself with an ethnic heritage out of "pride" means you also have to accept responsibility for all the horrors committed by members of your "ethnic identity." You can't brag about something someone in the past did and assume they did it because they were a member of an ethnic group without accepting "shame" for what someone of that ethnic group did that was terrible.
Homeless in January? Uh, yeah.
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