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ObamaCare Goes to Hollywood and Smothers Studio Workers

LAPhil Wrote: Jun 28, 2013 8:50 AM
Or "Hollywood liberal".
Uber Dave Wrote: Jun 28, 2013 8:52 AM
Liberalism 101 Lesson 33:

Hypocrisy is a special word that defines the moral inconsistencies that liberals see in others.

Since there are no moral inconsistencies in liberal thought or applied philosophy, this word has no application in the description of liberals.
ObamaCare has been unpopular since it was passed, but that hasn't stopped rich Hollywood elites from publicly supporting the legislation on behalf of President Obama. For example, Actress Eva Longoria is an ObamaCare supporter, served as an Obama campaign co-chair and is worth $35 million. Back in 2009, some of Hollywood's most famous (and richest) made a video pushing for a government takeover of healthcare.

But now that ObamaCare is becoming law, the reality of the legislation is negatively affecting middle class workers at Hollywood studios.
It's a morass of regulations...