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I wonder how many of those 100 plus passengers are actually going to cooperate and call the 800 number. And how many of those who don't have Ebola and will spread it.
There you go.
You defeatist! I hope you don't stay home!
I love Newsbusted!
No, I believe the polls right now. They're all pretty consistent with one another, which is a sign that they're probably accurate.
Yeah, what the hell?
I don't think a Democrat could lose the governor's race in Oregon even if he killed his first born. Just as an aside, I went to high school with John Kitzhaber. This was the last guy you would have ever predicted would be governor, let alone twice. He wasn't political in the least and always seemed to keep a low profile. Oregon was a fairly sane place when I lived there and was neither strongly liberal nor conservative, and then something happened to make it a hotbed of liberalism. I wish I knew what it was.
Hey you guys, cheer up! Read the column again. Lois and the other libs will be eating their hearts out in just a few more weeks.
Think of it the way William F. Buckley would have. She supports the most conservative agenda that can win.
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