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Five Q's with RedState: Immigration

LAPhil Wrote: 17 hours ago (3:31 PM)
Don't believe Carly Fiorina. Notice she didn't even address the issue of Obama's executive order, which is because she basically agrees with it. Same with Huckabee. We need to weed out these RINO's sooner rather than later.
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Can Israel Survive?

LAPhil Wrote: 21 hours ago (11:48 AM)
Who are these cowards in the administration who are never identified when they make scurrilous remarks about Netanyahu? Why are they allowed to keep running their mouths without anyone knowing who they are? If they won't come forward maybe they need to shut the hell up.
Great question. And if she does any tap dancing with her answer she should not be confirmed.
Notice how she dodged the question about who has more of a right to work here, a legal resident or an illegal immigrant?
Why can't we ever get an A.G. who will say "No, illegal immigrants do NOT have the right to work in the United States"?
From your lips to God's ears, Darby.
Obama's sanctions have worked so well? Yeah, right. And the Easter Bunny is real.
The Border Patrol is constantly getting caught in the middle between the duties of their job and the politics of this administration. It's like having to fight with one hand tied beyond your back. It's a wonder why anyone would even want to be a border patrol agent these days.
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