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The name of her practice is "Foxhall"? Something very humorous about that.
But the Democrats were sure screaming about it in Florida 14 years ago!
"Comment" or "commit"? I think you would have been right either way.
Carol Costello, what an f'in' pig!
Why is CNN still on the air? They're even worse than MSNBC in a lot of ways.
For all of his otherwise RINO qualities, Christie totally got this one right. The minimum wage should not only not be raised, it should be abolished!
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What "Winning the Senate" Means

LAPhil Wrote: 1 hour ago (4:07 PM)
Wow, what an eye-opener this column was! Now Republicans winning the Senate seems more vital than ever.
Liberals have got to be the lowest form of life on this planet.
You really are one gullible fool! Philly's 59th precinct was a classic example of voter fraud! What do you think the chances are that not one in 19,000 voters would have voted for Romney if the election was conducted fairly? You wouldn't know voter fraud if it bit you in the a s s.
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