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Kaci Hickox, Self-Absorbed Hero

LAPhil Wrote: Oct 30, 2014 9:35 AM
She is.
I'm sick of Jon Stewart, period!
6 years ago? A lot of these liberal morons are STILL predicting it!
Now if the rest of the Democratic candidates would only self-destruct like Wendy babes.
It could be, but more likely a measure of a difference in expected turnouts among the respective parties.
I'd say it's more than slipping away. I'd say Udall is toast!
And notice how the only group that talks about the Koch brothers constantly are Democrats, as if they were some big evil force. Your boy Harry Reid is particularly fond of repeating the mantra.
The only thing here which was written in LaLa land is your post.
Fortunately she's too stupid to be dangerous.
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