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Larry, Like you I am sure they will not answer you but the Liberal policies are at the root of our moral degradation and the cause of most of these mass shooting let alone the gang warfare. Sadly with the election of Obama I sadly think we have passed the moral cliff. What is so sad is the masses that are so willingly following these leaders to their own destruction.
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Free Trade Cheats Americans

Lancelot1954 Wrote: Jan 23, 2013 3:59 PM
Phyllis, If there is free trade between country then you article is wrong. Free trade helps both countries engaged in the free trade. No really sure where you are going with this article but not having trade agreements with others countries is never good for any of the countries.
She would never allow that to happen. Deep down she would know letting criminals know her house was a gun free puts a bulls eye on her property
Thanks for sharing that. I had heard about those cases but didn't know which they were.
How exactly do you say the second amendment doesn't give us the right to bear arms? Is that a progressive way of saying the constitution is a living document?
Training every gun owner is a good idea and am fine with that. Even OK with stricter background checks but that is slippery slope. Right now the government is actively making many vets mentally incompetent without their knowledge or without them realizing the implications that they will loose all their gun rights. Anti gun people will slowly make getting guns impossible and the criminals will know we aren't armed. Not only will the black market for guns increase but crimes will rise and criminals feel safer without guns in citizens hands.
Rachel, I understand your dislike of guns and feeling that less guns will mean less crime. You gave the example of being robbed and that people would usually give up their items rather than get in a gun fight. Although that is true let me give you an example. I am in my home and someone is attempting to break in. I likely would have time to get my gun and would have no idea what this crazy would want to do with me, my children or wife. Would you really want to allow that person in and hope for the best or warn him and then shoot him? I know I would hate to kill someone but would in defense of my house and family.
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NRA Derangement Syndrome

Lancelot1954 Wrote: Dec 18, 2012 1:28 PM
Know this is all nuts with the liberal hate of guns. Sadly if you put one more liberal in the Supreme Court and the living constitution they believe in will redefine the 2nd Amendment to mean just the government. Sadly we have just begun to see the degradation of our country at the hands of well meaning people but ones that just don't understand unintended consequences.
Pat, as far as I am concerned the GOP and alienated the conservatives and especially the Tea Party when you they cut them out of power at the convention and then again when 4 conservatives were removed from committees by the speaker of the house. Although they likely think they have them in the bag as they won't vote for the Democrats I think they don't realize we can become Libertarians or Constitution Party supporters thus making their power less. Actually I have written off the GOP as Liberal Lites now and won't vote or support them any longer. Why vote for a party that will just slow the destruction of our economy?
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Time to Remove Boehner as Speaker?

Lancelot1954 Wrote: Dec 08, 2012 12:54 PM
Boehner actions along with those at the convention against the Tea Party have caused me to drop my GOP support. From this point I will support Libertarian or some other conservative party. Sadly, I think the GOP has misjudged that the conservatives will always be there for them.
Great article but doubt the GOP will take that avenue. Personally after the GOP cut the legs out of the GOP at the convention and now Boehner takes 4 conservatives off committees I won't be voting GOP any longer. I think the GOP has killing themselves. For some reason they think the conservatives and Tea Party folks have no choice but vote for the GOP as the lesser of two evils. Sadly they are mistaken as there are other parties besides those two. This split will pretty much keep the GOP as a second rate party.
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