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University Indoctrination Alive and Well After Obama Re-Election

Lance852 Wrote: Nov 29, 2012 6:09 PM
I can't help but laugh at you. You want the world to be just as you imagine it, but that doesn't make it so. Let's see, Katie is a published author, a paid columnist, appears frequently on news talk shows, and is wonderfully attractive. You on the other hand, troll on a conservative site thinking your snarky comments are clever and that you're "smarter" than everyone here. Pretty pathetic life you have there.
upwithRomney Wrote: Nov 29, 2012 8:23 PM
Katie, like a lot of right wing female flacks, is very physically attractive but I would not over emphasize either her intellectual prowess or her literary accomplishments. As a person, she might be a perfectly nice person but neither that or her hotness makes her an expert on educational policy.

When Barack Obama was re-elected on November 6, the vast majority of professors across the country cheered and continued to force their liberal ideology on their students. In fact, 96 percent of Ivy League professors who donated to a campaign this election cycle, donated to President Obama.

Ivy League educators overwhelmingly supported President Obama with their campaign donations in the presidential election, reinforcing the suspicions of critics who say their bias also shows up in the classroom.

Some 96 percent of faculty and staffers at the eight universities who donated wrote their checks to...