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4 More Years! We Did It! Wrote: 24 minutes ago (7:04 PM) Talk to your rep., not me... Higher ed should be taxpayer funded anyways... ----------------------- Let me guess, you're not studying Economics or Statistics. Again, have you no shame? You expect others to pick up the tab for your choices. Where do you think that checkbook will come from?
4 More Years! We Did It! Wrote: 6 minutes ago (6:50 PM) Hopefully my loans will be forgiven... ------------------------ So, your legally-binding signature and your word mean nothing? When you signed for those loans, did you do so under false pretenses? How would those loans be "forgiven"? Why should all of us pay for the choice you made to go to college? Do you have no shame?
Perhaps you could explain your reasoning for calling me a racist. I know that's a knee-jerk, reflex position for Progs, but how did you come to think I was a racist for asking if the group (the New Black Panthers) who has advocated "separate but equal" for blacks in all areas wants such actions?
Is the NBP movement trying to set up a separate state?
Nah, telling it like you WANT it to be.
Never said Israel was pure in this. However, there's a big difference in attempting to get along with Arabs, and too many of those Arabs not validating the Jews right to exist. If someone's sworn duty was to eliminate me and my kind from the earth, I'd be a bit extreme in my response.
MA1454 Wrote: 8 minutes ago (6:30 PM) LONG LIVE PALESTINE. STOP THE CURRENT PALESTINAIN GENOCIDE.......N O W --------------------------- Why is it that Palestinians can live and work peacefully in Israel, get along with Jews and be contributing members of society and yet, Jews can't do the same in Palestine? And stop shouting Prog, we can read in lower case just fine.
Shiite, it doesn't matter...
What bothers me most is not that Arabs kill our children, but that they force us to kill theirs. Also Golda Meir
Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us. Golda Meir
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