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Chuck Todd: If Lincoln Were Dealing with These Republicans, We'd Still Have Slavery

Lance852 Wrote: Dec 04, 2012 7:30 PM
4 More Years! We Did It! Wrote: 24 minutes ago (7:04 PM) Talk to your rep., not me... Higher ed should be taxpayer funded anyways... ----------------------- Let me guess, you're not studying Economics or Statistics. Again, have you no shame? You expect others to pick up the tab for your choices. Where do you think that checkbook will come from?
Words Wrote: Dec 04, 2012 7:41 PM
Most of the professors will be taking a huge pay cut if the government funds all university education. When we were in Europe the doctors were going on strike. They were complaining they were making as much as a factory worker. The government paid for their education, and now owns them.
tuttletacoma Wrote: Dec 04, 2012 7:35 PM
earlier today 4 more years was telling how he was happily masterbating over the idea that repubs have to fund hussein care

and now this imbecile wants his black messiah to forgive the debt run up by these same imbeciles who have attended college but lack the job skills to compete in a shrinking job market
Bigdogoffthechain11 Wrote: Dec 04, 2012 7:39 PM
we aren't funding anything-just fail to pay the bill
Buck O Wrote: Dec 04, 2012 7:40 PM
Subsidizing failure. What a great idea.

Not his words, you must understand.  Just a "depressing" observation from a "very smart" White House aide:


Joe Klein -- last seen beclowning himself on Benghazi -- gets a big laugh at this line because it's so true, right?  Republicans are just the worst.  Lincoln would have never been able to handle this bunch of radicals.  Maybe this "very smart" White House source should go re-watch Lincoln, or re-read his history books.  Congressional Republicans were the ones who