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Unhinged by Obama

Lance73 Wrote: Nov 10, 2012 8:28 AM
Nice try Mr. Steve Chapman "...a columnist and OPINIONIST for the Chicago Tribune." Thanks for sharing your opinion. We are extremely thankful that by the fiat of your voice we never, ever, ever, ever have to worry about communism again. Why don't you bless us with riches as well. Please, just drop those sweet words from your lips and maybe we'll all join in a chorus of 'teaching the world to sing in perfect harmony.' You dolt.
On Wednesday morning, sober conservatives pondered an election defeat, swallowed their disappointment and turned their attention to things that truly affect their lives, such as work and family. But there are other conservatives, who were profoundly affected by their collision with reality.

Upon learning of Barack Obama's victory, they envisioned themselves in one of two movies: "Man on a Ledge" or "Braveheart." The first group fell into utter despair. The second chose furious defiance. All agree the apocalypse is at hand. The argument is only about what to do next.

Why the reaction should be so intense is a mystery. We have already...