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My Free Speech College Entrance Exam

Lance73 Wrote: Jun 24, 2014 8:25 AM
Flagged for inanity.
Rather than simply bash you for your comment, I'll offer a bit of advice. Look up the definition and examples of a strawman argument. Then come back to play again.
I'm sure you won't see this now, but I'm also sure no one thought Stalin would do what he did either. You are self-deluded if you don't think it can happen; and your children and your children's children will pay the price for our apathy and complacency. Don't be Pollyanna.
Well, if anyone could recognize dysfunctional it would be a Pelosi.
Unbelievable? Not at all. This man has PUBLICLY stated over and over his goals; to transform this nation. His flouting of the rule of law fits perfectly within his character, which he continues to model before us. We, however, with our uncritical, Pollyana outlook on life refuse to come to grips with what we see and hear. It's time to remove our blinders and speak truth about King BaHO; he is a traitor and should be treated as such. Now to find some vertebrates in Congress to actually do their job.
If any of you think that King BaHO is 'stupid' or 'ignorant' you yourselves are fools. His primary goal in this second term is not to rule but to destabilize this country. Maybe for the purpose of turning us against one another or if the purpose is to turn us against him so that he may try to impose martial law in mid-2016. If you haven't read Alinsky, it's all about unrest and destabilization. Upon this, martial law will be welcome to some extent to quell the uproar. He is a fool, but he is no fool. He and his cronies have known exactly their tactics and goals from the beginning.
When the scorned is punished the simple is made wise. Prov 21 The same principle applies here. Giving voice to reason will give hope to those with the ability to see reason. As was pointed out in the article, the argument is not to win the 'lost' but to bolster and sway those who think they stand alone against the crush of it all; who at times wonder if they are the crazed ones for believing truth. Stand fast and quit you like men
Wait, did you say 'debating' the issues of the day!?!?
Take the bottom group on the initiative ladder, cut their legs out from under them (while proclaiming the smoke-and-mirrors of compassionate liberalism, and force them onto the rolls of SNAP and Ocare so that all the money flows uphill to the political class, enslaving another slice of the populace. You have to hand it to the left; they know how to pull the heart-strings of the ignorant.
Not that this should be ignored, but it seems that these kind of stories are always 'leaked' just in time to distract us from the real issues, i.e. Benghazi, GDP, the heat on Lois Lerner, and the upcoming impeachment once the Senate is won. It all seems to be sleight of hand to distract.
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