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Loyal Dem strikes again.
"That's like a bankrupt individual's saying he intends to build a mansion because he only increased his bankrupt-level indebtedness half as much this past year as he increased it the year before." Or he got a new, no-limit credit card. "Waddya mean I got no money left? I still got checks!"
Since we (the royal we) don't know our history.
Why must significantly fewer laws lead to anarchy? 100 years ago, did we have more or fewer? Was there anarchy?
How did Mr. Brand get into Hannity's brain in the first place?
Except he didn't accuse you of saying it, but demonstrating it. So, maybe reading carefully would be a good idea.
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Is Thinking Obsolete?

Lance73 Wrote: Aug 05, 2014 8:10 AM
This is what happens when a culture abandons objective truth for the shifting-sands of relativistic truth. And, Dr. Sowell, as much as I love your worldview and your articulation of it, what we have here is not an "artificial stupidity"; it's as real as it appears. The NEA has accomplished the goals of a Prussian, socialistic education while we've kept our heads buried in a pseudo-quaint patriotism that assumed all along that everyone was playing by the rules and thought like we did. This has been to our utter detriment, and may very well be our demise.
So, to live out one's life in complete surrender to your religious beliefs is honorable if your are a terrorist, but if you are a Christian businessman, fuggedaboutit.
Here in Kentucky, our legislature just passed a law that allows a woman who has received a restraining order against her husband an immediate, temporary carry license to protect herself. This is a real way to help.
True dat! The question should not be "Will you stop this?" but "Why do you wish to stop her from stopping him?"
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