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Obama: "My Number One Priority is to Keep Our Diplomats Safe"

Lance6161 Wrote: Sep 21, 2012 7:30 AM
Oh no! They were carrying him to the hospital! Well, the party with Beyonce at $40K a pop, with the wine at $800 per bottle was great, as they sang about spreadin' the But, the oinkers STILL remain blind, and tryin' to once again find that acorn!

When campaign spokesman Ben Labolt told Fox News there were no plans for President Obama to address the Benghazi debacle in public any time soon, he obviously wasn't "planning" on the subject coming up during the president's appearance at a Univision candidate forum in Miami this afternoon.  (Mitt Romney attended yesterday).  Credit to the program's hosts for asking some challenging questions on Libya and security; Buzzfeed writes that Obama "dodged" the heart of those inquiries.  That's partially true, but he also served up a jaw-dropping statement, particularly...