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Just a note, you are not supposed to fly the flag in inclement weather. If a truck is driving down the highway, well, 60+ MPH winds sound pretty inclement to me. Oh, I know. That's not the point. But everybody claims they're being patriotic and the end result is a bunch of tattered, soggy, made-in-china US flags laying on the side of the highway, and that doesn't feel patriotic to me.
They don't tie the babies to their chests, they tie the bombs to the babies chests. http://spagmonster.files.wordpress.com/2012/02/suicide-bomber-children.jpg #NeverAgain
Idle hens are the devils workshop.
but anti-choicers foolishly want to force ALL women who ARE pregnant to give birth, even if they were too poor to provide for a child, or a pregnancy would kill them or ruin their health . There are people lining up for the chance to adopt babies. The will pay thousands, including food, living expenses, and health care for the mother. They put their money where their mouth is. Are any of you pro-abortion people willing to be aborted in place of a wanted baby? The number of abortions performed every year is in the millions. The numer performed on women who have an actual physical problem which would require an abortion is in double digits. In case you had't noticed, the days of women dying in childbirth is in the history books
tbrennan Wrote: 8 minutes ago (12:43 PM) Stripping women of the right to choose would come right out of Satan's playbook. You all for that? God gave us free will. A - If God gave us free will, then he also gave free will to the in utero child. I 100% support abortions which are approved, verified by a signed document, by the child about to be aborted. B- If the mother has the right to choose to kill the child, why does the father lack the right to protect it? Or do only women have rights?
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'Proportional' Response

Lance133 Wrote: Apr 09, 2013 7:27 PM
Oh, come now. We want to make war safe. Let's get rid of nuclear weapons. Hell, lets get rid of "weapons of mass destruction." Let's impose rules of contact that limit attacks on civilian targets, cultural or religious structures. Let's make war safe, clean, and FUN. Hell, let's make war so much fun that EVERY country will want to have one. Do people think things through? War should be so horrible, so terrifying, that grown men will wet their pants at the mere thought of it. The countries will avoid it, and if any leader is so insane as to contemplate it, the people will rise against him. The reason North Korea tolerated Kin Jong Un is that the last time they threatened us with nuclear weapons, we did not attack.
You failed to mention that the cost is very small. Currently prvate astromony sites have been mapping asteroid incidents, but there are very many small to medium scale telescopes at university and public observatories which are not up to doing state of the art astronomical science but which are more thatn powerful enough to track asteroids, and computer equipment is cheap today. All that is lacking is a common database. The entire project would cost less than the smithsonians worm farm.
I'm sorry, what power, exactly, gives you the right to tell ME who I can and cannot vote for? If I like the guy in place, and he wants to stay, who are YOU to tell ME I cannot vote for him? Tyrants come in all sizes, friend.
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On Roe v. Wade

Lance133 Wrote: Jan 22, 2013 11:33 PM
Abortion justified in the case of rape. OK, I have a question. Is the child guilty of rape? Isn't murder as serious a crime as rape? Do we kill a murderers child? What other crimes might a man commit that would suggest we kill his child as punishment?
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