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Millennials Still Stunted By Recession

Lance101 Wrote: Jan 03, 2015 1:36 PM
They major in political science or history, vote like Socialists, leach off their parents and grow corpulent. The men/ boys have huge teats and the women/ girls have posteriors of middle agers. What a bunch of slacker- loosers.
Lets hope the court accepts Levin's Amicus Brief. They have the option not to. If they do, that will give us a clue how they are thinking. Remember, Roberts twisted and contorted the law the last time, to support Obama. There is no telling how far in Obama's bag Roberts is, but I fear the worst.
Sniveling twinkletwat, still blshting, still spinning, still underestimating our intelligence. Like Hillary, she will constantly attempt to reinvent herself, reshape her image and spin her message. In the end, the only result is a pathetic, cravenly ambitious and mendacious slattern.
Well presented, eruidite and concise. That spineless little srit, Roberts, will still find a way to protect Obama, but this makes it more difficult.
The press will champion whichever GOP is least likely to win. That is how we got Dole, and McCain. Jeb will loose against Hillary because he is not a clear option. The guy wags left.
I appreciate Joe's intentions, but after he left his first task, inexplicably unfinished, I have little faith in his abilities. Remember, he was going to reveal the truth about Obama's birth and college history. We know something very rotten Has transpired, and hoped Joe would get to the bottom of it. After all those promises, he quit suddenly with no explanation.
This is what happens when they place a mindless liberal twinkletwat in front of a camera.
Will anyone in a right mind return to rebuild a destroyed business in Furgeson? Knowing that the police have been neutered, and seeing that a majority are buying into the false narritive? I bet they will move on, find a respectable town with respectable people.
Mitt is a decent guy, but his tepid, hesitant, reticent and awkward performance did not get him elected, running against a complete and unlikable jerk. I do not believe he has the stuff it takes to win and would fit in better in a structured, corporate setting. Having said that, he is better than Bush and more electable than Paul.
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America Can Shred Iran. Why Not?

Lance101 Wrote: Dec 15, 2014 1:46 PM
The longer we wait the bigger the rodent becomes. Obama's policies threatens the inihilation of Israel and guarantees a widespread conflict. It is not too late to crush Iran, but screwing around will only make it costlier.
Sessions will fight an uphill battle unless Obamas fukdollies, Bohner and McCain are dealt with. They have been clubbies far too long, and have not earned their place.
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