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The Danes prefer the civilized approach. They are convinced that political correctness and equovication will suffice. In the meanwhile, their Muslim "guests", prefering timid fare, will gorge on their blood.
The old gal is a hoot. Although she is a leftie, I appreciate her candor.
What is it with Psaki's glaring eyes and condescending smirk. This is one very weird frump. Obama knows how to select the most unengratiating group of pooches Imaginable.
Psaki is a pathetic, flash in the pan frump, berift of even the basic Obama pooch lying talent.
It seems that the Democrats put their Socialist agenda ahead of National Security. Will american Jews continue to be Obama's pooches, or are they going to wake up and figure we have a fging Muslim Arab running things.
Perhaps a huge loss will convince the poltroon, bufoon that no one really likes him much.
There he goes again.
Sorry, but I want a cowboy running things again. I am sick of lying, liberal poltroons. I would take Perry over the coniving witch anytime.
Obama Pooches only care about cramming Obama,s fecund agenda down our throats. Unbelievable that they will put that agenda above National Security. Let us note the names of those imbeciles, and let!s be eure they are remembered
The "negrofication" of a town usually results in a Detroit or Newark. This notion that it helps blacks by letting them govern themselves is a myth. Name one nation in Africa that has prospered after the end of colonization. Please don't be an idiot and say South Africa.
Not relativism, equivocation. Equivocation is the first tool in the liberal box. A certain horses posterior is the master of that.
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