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MSMBC has shamelessly pandered for the Democrats. Their ratings are in a freefall, because if people wanted to watch mindless pap, they would tune in to Opra Winfrey.
Insufferable bstrds. They twist everything in racial or political terms. They constantly try to divide and polarize. Obama's legions of rodents.
The Democrats have kept their agenda hidden, but their real face has unveiled itself, and it is very ugly. Lies upon lies, unraveling before our eyes.
Remove God, divide by class, foment racial animus, promote victimhood, factionalize, polarize, insinuate hate, ----all the tools of the Manchurian Candidate, Obama.
Gore, your comment defines you.
The nomination will be determined based on race and politics not for the good of the nation. God forbit what kind of subversive he will select. I wonder if Al Sharpton is in the offing.
All the lefties seem to contrive a cause to build up their profile.
Cant disinfranchise the bottom feeders from voting as many times as they want to---
She appears to have a profound adolecent meaness. We have seen a lot of emotional immaturity from our elected officials, but this lady cant hide it. I would be interested to know how she climbed her ladder. I bet that a lot of people were exploited.
Jeeze Huck, you are a great guy, but fragmenting the party will guarantee a victory for the Bottomfeeders. We lost with Romney, because our Holy Rollers held back. Better to get most of what we want, than demand everything we want, guaranteenng the left, everything it wants.
Take a good look at the eyes on that one. Wendy could be one of the meanest little twatmeisters to come along for a long time. Wonder how she compares with hillary for pure fenom.
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