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Didn't this creep take an oath of office? Who elected this sedicious bstrd?
We have placed a hubris, destructive idiot who hates America and seems to lean Muslim, in charge of our country. History will judge us severly for intentionally destroying the greatest nation. Hint, you freebie gulping parasites, if you kill the host you will also perish.
Butt arsed ugly and profoundly stooopid!
Rubio might still be useful as a senator, but as far as I am concerned, his stand on amnesty killed my support for him. Nice guy, wrong direction.
Well, at least the phony smile is gone. Now we see the unvarnished RAZA radical, giving us s--t mouth. Who in hell elected this jerk?
Maybe someone ought to look into Marie's achademic history. There is no way this shallow frump could have gotten a degree in anything.
It isn't that she is a clever liar so much as she is so willing to lie. She and Marie Harf are just about the worst Obama pooches.
What a complete A-hole. Borders matter, soverignty matters, laws matter. Who elected this flaming jerk.
Marie Harf is one of the most hubris, agressivly stupid and incipid dolts I have ever seen. In itself amusing to watch if so much wasn't at stake.
Nausiating, but she has that constant 40% vote from the bottom feeders. The fact that she was once elected to an office, doesn't speak well of the quality of the voters..
The Danes prefer the civilized approach. They are convinced that political correctness and equovication will suffice. In the meanwhile, their Muslim "guests", prefering timid fare, will gorge on their blood.
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