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Are you going to believe Obama or your lying eyes? Actually, anyone dull enough to vote these mooks in, must be gullible enough to believe the guff.
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Why Pro-Amnesty Republicans Lost

Lance101 Wrote: Mar 07, 2014 1:57 PM
The way I see it, there are three reason against amnesty. Primarily, the corrupt Democrats use and depend on illegals voting ( and are against voters I.D.). Then there is the fact that we would be condoning an illegal act, thus neutering our immigration laws. Finally, why flood a weak job situation with cheap labor? Face it, amnesty is just another cynical ploy by some very cunning thugs to effect governmental shift to the far left.
Hmmm---like that A-hol Holder? Haven't we had enough Berry clones?
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Rubio is Back!

Lance101 Wrote: Mar 01, 2014 2:02 PM
I was disappointed by Rubio. Not sure about him anymore. Sucking up to a purulent scum bag like Schumer nauseated me. At least he hoisted up his colors early, before I was sucked into backing him. I will have difficulty believing in "redemption" in this case----once a skunk, always a skunk.
You are far too kind to our purulent leader. Everything he does is no accident. He is following the Alinsky play book to the letter. His goal is to overwhelm our economy and systematically weaken every element of our government. He has salted the military, IRS, FBI, homeland security ---you name it, with carefully chosen minions who obey his agenda. This fellow, Obama, is a very nasty piece of work.
They have been given everything, affirmative action, head start, etc. It is up to them to take advantage of the opportunities that exist like low hanging fruit. ------and stop whining.
Disappointed? How about offended, outraged, furious or Pd-off? This guy has attempted to destroy our country dammit.
Being an unrepentant liar runs consistent with that crowd.
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Jimmy Kimmel Makes Fun of Obamacare

Lance101 Wrote: Feb 24, 2014 12:05 PM
Kimmel is an Obama sycophant. He knows what happened to Morgan, so he will fake a balanced approach, but just watch as he gets a foot hold. Then he will show his true colors. Besides, he is insipid.
I don't believe Landrieu gets it. She went against the wishes of her constituents, she lies, she begs for mercy. What is it about loooooooser she fails to comprehend?
I am not sure that preaching defeatism, even at this early date, is all that healthy. However, if the Republicans select a waffeling jerk like McCain again, then even a heavily baggage, lipsticked pig like Clinton, probably wiil win.
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