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More would advocate impeachment if they thought impeachment would actually lead to throwing the weirdo out of office. However, impeachment proceedings are a highly politicized kabuki play, and nothing close to justice is served. Let's remember this great mistake and hope all real Americans show up at the polls. We need to restore America and do some fumigating.
Lie, lie about the lie, deny lying, lie about denying the lie, ------ must be a Democrat.
Delusional, but ever the liar. She simply believes that we are stupid.
The 44% are better known as Democrats.
This one is the most tumultuous liar yet. He doesn't even mince or parse, just bold face fallacious statements. I guess when you have a corrupt and biased press, you can get away with it.
Another obnoxious, lying toadie. Does anyone believe a word these jerks say?
Holder is a bitter whiner as well as a corrupt and feckless A.G. And we can thank Obama, a bitter whiner as well as a corrupt and feckless president.
This is what happens when you mix Botox and caviar. You wind up with a demented old goose.
Mr. Thin Skin knew that if he went to the border he would face angry Americans. Those pesky Americans have been a real problem for the Emperor.
It is a slippery slope when government can force people to provide goods and services against their will or convictions. No shirt no shoes no service would offend Jesus----Yata Yata Yata.
Probably. Women have been proven to be shallow thinkers and easy to trick. Maybe they can get Sandra Fluck to run.
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