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This guy is an idiot. Just because he kissed a nurse who had been working at a facility that had ebola exposure does not support the notion that ebola isn't virulent. You don't always die playing Russian Roulette. However, I encourage our dim witted president to by all means, keep on playing. Just don't encourage others to follow your stupid example.
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Where Are the Angry White Folks?

Lance101 Wrote: Oct 17, 2014 12:43 PM
That's B.S. Take a good look at the "Black Communitays" and tell me what you see. You want to blame, look in the mirror. Ask yourself, are the children being raised to become productive citizens? There is a black president, blacks are given everything imaginable, yet continue to whine. Time to quit blaming whites, and work on the fundamentals for success. Hint; crack and babies are a bad combination.
Ho,hum, another lying liberal doucshabag.
What about those tie dyed tongue studders in the Peace Corps. Isn't that what those bleeding hearts claim to be around for? Funny, haven' t heard a peep from that group of poltroons.
We have to define victory. ISSIS is some kind of Sunni mob, and they are attacking Syria (Shia?) that gave assylum to most of Saddam's people, now wants to invade Baghdad (Now Shia). On the other hand, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are Sunni while Iran is Shia. Why would we want to interfere, we have no horse in that race, and camels can't swim.
Poor Gabby, she really believe that she was almost killed by a gun, not a lunatic that should have been comitted in an instution. But, liberal policies is why people like him are at large. I wish Gabby well, and hope her recovery is complete--- but please stop exploiting her terrible tragedy.
Nothing to see here folks, just keep moving---- hey, look over there folks, Michelle is jiving with a turnip!
MSMBC has shamelessly pandered for the Democrats. Their ratings are in a freefall, because if people wanted to watch mindless pap, they would tune in to Opra Winfrey.
Insufferable bstrds. They twist everything in racial or political terms. They constantly try to divide and polarize. Obama's legions of rodents.
The Democrats have kept their agenda hidden, but their real face has unveiled itself, and it is very ugly. Lies upon lies, unraveling before our eyes.
Remove God, divide by class, foment racial animus, promote victimhood, factionalize, polarize, insinuate hate, ----all the tools of the Manchurian Candidate, Obama.
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