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Actually, Reid is a cunning sociopath who has no compunction to be fair or reasonable. He deeply hates those who disagree with him, and will resort to any means to destroy them. There are no limits for a soulless person.
What ever you mean by government. The poltroons who think they are the government are dropping and running.
We were delusional to think we could Nation build in Iraq. The old enmity between Shiites and Sunni has simply festered, waiting to resume hostilities. We should have never interfered, let them destroy each other. Iran was never a real threat until we pulled the Sunni's off of them. Lets just sit back and watch the show, we have plenty of oil and popcorn.
Surprised? We have a real rodent problem in D.C----of our own creation. Time to fight back before we become a third world s--t hole. Cantor was a beginning, but there are far worse ones at large.
I don't know whether to call the idiot an a--- hole or the a-- hole an idiot.
Just when we begin to believe that Democrats simply lack the sense of repugnance, along comes an exception. Things must be really bad and disgusting when a card carrying, mindless, Democratic ideologue like Mathews, can't take the stench rising from the W.H.
They will replace a mendacious duche bag with a fresh one.
We can only defeat Obama and his thugs by voting. Mitt Romney is an honorable man with impeccable credentials, yet a feckless and mendacious America hating race baiter was elected. Why, because too many Republicans stayed home on election day. Had enough yet? ---then get off your backsides and vote as if the future of your country depends on it.
Holy s--t! What a total Obama product. -----and "they" actually voted for her? Also, what's with the doo?
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