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"Duh, maybe the island will flip over if it gets too populated"--- and then this idiot. Not exactly a brain trust.
You prepare for war in times of peace, plan for shortages in times of plenty. Never listen to narrow minded, clueless and feckless idealogues. We have on for a President, that should suffice.
Just like us after 911, flags and ra ra. Then we forget, elect a Muslim, open the borders, let political correctness reign, try to ban guns, apologize to everyone and put targets on our backs. We are going to get hit, and hit hard, because we are a soft target. Thanks Barrak Hussein Soerto.
MSNBC Is always on point to promote their leftist agenda. In this case, one must wonder precisely what kind of terror attacks he has in mind. Recent events have seen an emergence of extremely violent Afrocentric ( like that word?) guasi terror groups who have indicated that they want to promote a race war. There is no reason to doubt what they say. So, this idiot wants to disarm me. Ha Ha.
I would not be happy if I was unable to view Fox. They are the only ones that you can rely on to not filter or shape news events. I know you libs will make snide cracks, you can keep your MSNBC and CNN and swoon over Candy Crowley, I'll watch Megan Kelly.
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Obama’s Shattered Presidency

Lance101 Wrote: Jan 06, 2015 12:40 PM
Obama was elected with the nobelest expectations. He was in the unique position to capitalize on his novelty, to unite. Instead, we wound up with a dolt with nary a noble bone in his being; an uninspiring divider, and a bitter America loathing street level jerk. Next time, we might try vetting our candidates a little better.
DeBlasio is the classic example of a "Creep". How such an idealogue, beyond the limits of reason, ever got elected in New York, reflects the fact that the city has been abandoned by all but the bottom feeders.
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Poll: John Boehner's Mediocre Support

Lance101 Wrote: Jan 04, 2015 12:56 PM
Boehner has betrayed us. He needs to be dragged out by his balls and thrown on the heap with the rest of the deelected progressives. Enough of the boo hooing and tanned earnestness, followed by stabbing us in the back. OUT!
It is a matter of trust. I got that faint hint of fecund liberal stench off of him, and it makes me wonder just how much actually exists. I am tired of seeing moderates get elected and them come out of the closet as liberal drag queens. I will be very careful who I vote for.
A lot will happen in two years. Just because he got an early jump doesn't mean the fat assed liberal will get conservatives to elect him. If the press manages to get him the nomination like they did Mc Cain, it will be because they know he will loose.
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Millennials Still Stunted By Recession

Lance101 Wrote: Jan 03, 2015 1:36 PM
They major in political science or history, vote like Socialists, leach off their parents and grow corpulent. The men/ boys have huge teats and the women/ girls have posteriors of middle agers. What a bunch of slacker- loosers.
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