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You do not use the compromised and biased court system to prosecute a rogue president, that is why there is impeachment. Obama has violated his oath and charter, but that isn't necessarily a criminal act under civil law. Boehner is a feckless fool who will only create an endless diversion with his silly notion to sue Obama.
Nancy Pelosi and DeBelasio, what a pair. Neither represents the sentiments of normal Americans, both are pisswipe liberals, and they are both peculiarly ugly. Yet, the bottom feeders who use the voting booth as a vending machine for government handouts or the defense of sodomy, get them elected.
BFD---The SCOTUS wouldn't find irregularities with Obamacare, declaring it a tax, then rules against a 35 foot buffer zone? They are transparently corrupt.
Little pudgy tyrant making more threats? We're having problems with our wimpy skinny one too.
That will only take ten years to accomplish. What should be done is to use the military to enforce laws that the corrupt DOJ and President with his flying monkeys are subverting. March Holder and Obama in front of Congress for a chit-chat.
This dithering old slattern knows that the Progressives are finished if they are unable to change our nations demographic by flooding it with poor and dependent immigrants to bolster the bottom feeders. We know that it isn't about 11 million, the number is closer to 60 million. Americans need to oppose their plans, or see us become another third world s--t hole.
Actually, Reid is a cunning sociopath who has no compunction to be fair or reasonable. He deeply hates those who disagree with him, and will resort to any means to destroy them. There are no limits for a soulless person.
What ever you mean by government. The poltroons who think they are the government are dropping and running.
We were delusional to think we could Nation build in Iraq. The old enmity between Shiites and Sunni has simply festered, waiting to resume hostilities. We should have never interfered, let them destroy each other. Iran was never a real threat until we pulled the Sunni's off of them. Lets just sit back and watch the show, we have plenty of oil and popcorn.
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