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We plumbed the lowest regions of the affirmitive action beneficiaries when this bozo was selected. Think, we have a black president, he is black, and God knows how many high ranking officials exist, because they are black. And he brays like a flogged goat. What a bitter, whining jerk.
The only way to insure safety, is to know exactly who goes aboard an aircraft. Flying should be a priviledge, not a right. Anyone wanting to fly ought to have a background check. NEXUS does it for expiditing travel across borders, and a NEXUS card also allows "trusted travelers" priviledges. If they whine that it is "disinfranchising" then let non- compliance pssengers go on seperate flights.
Obama knows terrorist exist, his hesitancy to name them is because they are fellow muslims.
Great! Another ideophyle, Obama pooch. Like holder, she will see everything in terms of race, perpetuating the myth that blacks are victims rather than the most coddeled, most priviledged and most benefitting segment of our society.
We need those who would place American Citizen interests first. Would uphold the Constitution Who did not hate America Who does not have his head up his arz regarding national security. Who does not support, aid and abet Islamic interests over our own
Who is the most disingenine, Obama the enabler or the Iranians, rop-a-doping lying bstrds. What we need to do is prevent their gaining nuclear power immediatly. Bomb the turbin headed maggots until they glow, hit them with everything we and Israel have. Make them dissapear. If we do not do it to them, they will be a pain in the arz for generations to come.
Obama is aiding Iran. Isreal, your only option is to hammer Iran, and hammer them hard. You will only get one shot at it, make it count. Most Americans are on your side, hopefully we will rally in your moment of need. For now, there is the Obama problem. He appears to be your implacable enemy.
How stupid and gullible can we possibly be? Iran will do anything to go nuclear. They will stop at nothing. Iran has Obama at their back, and it is virtually guaranteed that they prevail. Obama has an agenda to destroy the non Muslim world. Imagine, how this will go down in history.
Bottom feeding parasites got Obama elected, TWICE, No reason they won't elect DWS, the slattern idiot.
Didn't this creep take an oath of office? Who elected this sedicious bstrd?
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