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more Orwelian B.S. from the the most frightening ideophyle in history.
This snaggle toothed idiot is just nauseating enough that even the most dedicated bottom feeders will be offended by her delusional rants.
Arrogant, Pommie dutchbag.
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Jay Carney Leaving White House?

Lance101 Wrote: Mar 16, 2014 12:56 PM
Shameless toadie.
Don't believe the Bengazi story? Is there anything that can be believed, emitting from that slattern?
Affirmative action in progress. This is one stupid, over articulating pseudo intellectual dolt. Only political correctness and a completely dishonest press keep this albatross flying.
No one can put lipstick on a pig like the Commiecrats.
I am listening, and his rhetoric resonates---but he seems to have something like Touret's syndrome, where the most unexpected vileness jumps out cancelling the message he attempts to deliver. Maybe if he stays clear of Chuck Shumer, he will return to sanity..
Are you going to believe Obama or your lying eyes? Actually, anyone dull enough to vote these mooks in, must be gullible enough to believe the guff.
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