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China and Japan Talk War

Lance101 Wrote: Sep 26, 2012 10:24 AM
Obama and his poltroons will try to ignore this issue. His ultimate ambition is to irrepairably break America. This glib, grinning hipster is truly the Manchurian.

The Drudge Report revels in juxtaposing high-contrast headlines. By visually grouping conflicting storylines, the website's digital editors have made the ironic jolt an editorial art form.

Last week, on Sept. 19 (the date will prove to be important), a trio of Drudge-linked articles delivered a geopolitical jolt, of the dry throat and think-about-it variety.

The headlines, in Drudge jolt order: (1) Panetta: New Asia Focus Not Aimed to Contain China ... (2) Chinese General: Prepare for Combat With Japan ... (3) Beijing hints at bond attack on Japan ...

The common theme is obvious: a looming, perhaps immediate, conflict in Asia...