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Tea Cup Poodles for Obama

lamiablk Wrote: Jun 15, 2012 11:00 AM
The issue isn't that people don't want to recycle. It's that the government shouldn't be able to force you to do it. Personally, I compost my veggies and I don't mind recycling either. If they came by to pick it up curbside, I'd be even more likely to do so. Certainly I take my plastic bags to the store with me and drop them in the recycle bin BUT I don't feel the need to pass a LAW that FORCES people to do so. You want more people to do it? Convince them it's in their best interest to do it.

Last week amid the sound and fury of the Wisconsin recall there was an item that went relatively unheralded except for a new few mentions on the web: namely the GOP criticism of the sitting president’s chummy relationship with America’s glitterati. The RNC has a video on YouTube entitled “Meanwhile” which lists the nation’s unemployment numbers beneath images from the now famous Obama campaign video in which one can win dinner with the president. 

The intent of the video is clear: the president is out of touch with the country when it comes to the plight...

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