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Fraudulent Feminism vs. High School Football

lamiablk Wrote: Sep 05, 2012 5:18 PM
Hear hear. As a female who plays in a rough and tumble sport of a different kind, I don't expect any special treatment. If I get special treatment, I have a talk with that person's trainer. He or she can find a way to show that person that you're NOT respecting your opponent by going easy on her, only assuming that she can't handle it.

Meritocracy is nowhere more manifest in modern America than on the high school football field.

The boys who play the game know who their most courageous teammates are, and they just as readily recognize the fastest, the smartest and the hardest working. In the weeks of physical training and full-pad practices that precede their first game, they learn to admire each other's skills and trust each other's character. Having been through much together -- and having started with equal chances to prove themselves on the field -- they become a team.

That is not what happened in Florida last...