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Our Deviant Society

Lakhiem Wrote: Nov 08, 2012 4:08 PM
Republicans like to push the line that 'liberals' forced the military to 'keep the gloves on' when fighting an insurgency during the Bush 'Reign of Error.' General Petraeus's technique of effective counterinsurgency is to keep the gloves on. For example, take the Allied invasion of Sicily in 1943. If there are 50,000 Germans on Sicily and we inflict 20,000 German casualties then that means there are 30,000 Germans left to fight. When fighting an insurgency this is not the case. Much of it depends on what 'motivates' civilians to become an insurgent. This is the core of Petraeus's' technique. Say you are fighting 5,000 insurgents and you kill 3,000. How many are left? Maybe 2000, maybe 10,000, or maybe 0.
Here's one usage of the term gentleman: The gentleman helped the fallen lady to her feet. Here's another, one we might hear from a newscaster or a police spokesman: Tonight we report on the arrest of two gentlemen who raped, sodomized and murdered an 80-year-old woman.

During earlier times, to be called a gentleman meant one was honest, brave, courteous and loyal. Today "gentleman" is used interchangeably in reference to decent people and the scum of the earth.

Much of today's language usage demonstrates a desire to be nonjudgmental. People used to shack up; now they cohabit or are living partners. Few young...