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Next on the Agenda: Immigration Reform?

LadyX Wrote: Oct 16, 2013 8:06 PM
Agree, 100% !!!!!!!!
Agreed!! --- LOVE Trey Gowdy! ;o)
Primus-- PERFECTLY stated!
Two thumbs up for your post!
Darby --You're on a roll! ;o)
Darby -- AWESOME response! ;o)
... ok... I'll use YOUR term instead.... "harridan" -- I'm sure that Hillary and her brain-dead worshippers won't take offense at THAT! ;o) Believe me... I do everything in my power to "get the message out" -- and I'm very careful and "adult" with my language when I do so... I won't give them any excuse to reject the information, other than their own closed-mindedness and denial... unfortunately, those character deficiencies are rife in the lib/"progressive" population.
TX Yankee -- no... there are a FEW others of us out here, to whom character still matters.. but it's become obvious that we're in the minority. As a result of the leftists' infiltration of our public school and university systems over the past several decades, their takeover of the mainstream media and entertainment biz, and the "it's-all-about-me" values system of the voting majority of our citizens, the election of this undeserving, dishonest, immoral WITCH (substitute "B" if you prefer -- either is fitting) would not surprise me at all.
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Wait—I’m Not Quite Through

LadyX Wrote: Aug 07, 2013 4:50 AM
SouthernGent56 -- you employ a seemingly purposeful vagueness, in describing yourself as "in the medical field, with a degree" and then compare the "injustice" of your financial situation to that of Mitt Romney, who graduated from BYU with a Bachelor of Arts degree, and then went on to EARNING -- with HONORS -- joint JD and MBA degrees at Harvard -- no small feat! Like you, I have been working "in the medical field" -- for almost thirty years -- and your stated income indicates to me that your "degree" and position are either low-level, OR you haven't been working in the medical field for very long. In a capitalist system, we are paid according to our value to society and to the company/field in which we are employed... we could have followed the same educational and career path as did Romney, but we made the DECISION to seek degrees that would lead us into a lower-earning (although rewarding in other ways) profession -- and our choices have consequences. As the saying goes, we are only guaranteed by the Constitution equality of OPPORTUNITY, not equality of OUTCOME. If an employer had offered US a position and salary comparable to what Romney was offered upon graduating, I daresay that neither of us would have turned it down. Don't let the libs divide us with this class warfare... that's a typical tool of Marxists/Communists, as they incite discontent among the "poor" and "downtrodden," while promising them an impossible "equality-for-all" utopia, but care NOTHING for them, other than as voters ("useful idiots") who will propel them to positions of power and keep them there.
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