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Giving Thanks for America's Givers

Lady Wolverine Wrote: Nov 21, 2012 12:11 PM
TriumphBecomesAllison Wrote:1 hour ago (2:32 PM) (Sunday 11-18-2012) I have decided to have a child. Will you then stop berating me for the mistakes of my past? I just now have to find the right father for that child.... REALLY ALLISON? You're going to have a baby to get people to stop reminding you that you murdered one? You have to find the "right father"?? That's called YOUR HUSBAND!! But since you're an AMORAL B ITCH I suppose you're also going to make the slug pay child support too while never allowing him to have any contact with the "baby"?? Every day you show even more how truly despicable you are.

Chandler Osborn, 14, watched Fox News coverage of Hurricane Sandy last week and decided to take action.

"Last weekend, me and my younger brother, Cooper, 7, did a fundraiser in Colorado Springs to help the people" affected by the storm, he told me. The siblings set up a table at the Colorado Springs Sugar Plum Festival, gave away patriotic car magnets and pins for any donations, and collected signatures on a giant banner of support for the victims. "We raised $612 in one weekend."

The Osborns joined countless Americans across the country who stepped up, in small and large ways, to...