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Catfish Keith Wrote: 42 minutes ago (10:10 AM) Moms hate deadly force...most hate guns.....they love children instead! As a mother I would use deadly force if I had to to protect my kids from anyone I thought was hurting them.
Catfish Keith Wrote: 1 hour ago (9:37 AM) clean up Guns as Mayor Bloomberg did in NYC if you want crime to dry up Actually it was Mayor Giuliani who cleaned up the crime problem and made it safe for people in NYC to walk the streets at night. And he didn't do it by banning guns. Bloomberg has only made a mess of things again.
So typical of the open-minded and tolerant left. They don't want to hear anyone's opinion that doesn't match their own.
What's it like to live with your head so far upyourass??
This is a good start. Now for more states to follow Georgia's example.
Take a hike yourself, Sybil!!
Not unless you're in fear for your life, and you'd better be able to prove you were or you'll be prosecuted and go to jail/prison.
Why doesn't it surprise anyone that this professional mooch "EXPECTS" to get freebies from people, then turns around and expects people to give away what we've got to other mooches like himself.
Have they made Wendy Davis their president yet?
Shouldn't that sign say "45 years of fighting for the right to murder the unborn," with a picture of a dead or dismembered baby on each cupcake?
VICTORY FOR THE LITTLE GUY!! the school board and administration have heard the voice of their bosses(the parents) and have caved. The kids WILL BE ALLOWED to have their America Day.
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