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I haven't been here for a while but I see it hasn't changed much. We've even got a new and stupider version of Allison. But to be honest Lolo Looney Tunes was here when I last posted which I think was almost a year ago, she's just gotten stupider.
Have no fear Lois, unlike the slugs you sleep with, Rush doesn't need viagra. Even if he did he pays for his own medications/prescriptions.
They're not pretending very much anymore.
RINO's like Boehner and McConnell.
Please don't insult the mafia by comparing them to this administration. The Obama administrations level of corruption makes the mafia look like rank amateurs.
An improvement on Amy's suggestion. The Freeway is out the opposite door. Why don't you go play THERE instead?
Most states do have such data bases, but by law the information is not available to the Federal Government without a court order.
That's NOT a definition, and the rifle he used was NOT an "assault weapon."
No, Bloomberg didn't clean the guns off the streets. Gun violence in NYC got worse under his administration than it was when Rudy left. His "gun control" only disarmed the law abiding and made them easier targets for his criminal friends who don't obey gun laws.
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