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For those who don't know me here, I am the wife of a Navy SEAL. My husband and I have read and watched videos of a lot of the criticisms of American Sniper the movie, and of Chris Kyle personally. We've also seen the movie TWICE so far and really loved it both times. I especially loved the real time videos of the funeral procession rolling past THOUSANDS OF REAL AMERICANS who turned out in the rain to pay their respects to Chris Kyle as the procession rolled by. That alone makes the petty criticisms, and the even more petty people who made them, totally irrelevant. Fair wind and following seas, Chief Petty Office Christopher Kyle. You are gone but will NEVER be forgotten. HOO YAH!!!
The problem is that we elected new Congress Critters, who then kept the leaders we sent them to Washington specifically to get rid of.
Unlike the way they refused to welcome a baby born into this world in defiance of attempts to prevent it from being born, Satan will welcome them to Hell with arms wide open.
Only a truly EVIL person would support and try to justify the murder of the most innocent of all human life. There is a special place in HELL reserved for people like this.
Entirely possible Darby. I'm studying the history of both of the "Republican" women who turned against this bill at the last minute.
Why am I not the least bit surprised that the Republican "Leadership" peed their pants and showed the yellow streak down their backs at the last minute? It's like they're begging us to never vote for them again.
You will NEVER see me out of my house without my gun on me, even though you can't see it, rest assured it's there.
If a woman doesn't want a BABY to "parasitically survive off their body without their continuous consent" then she should keep her damned clothes on and feet on the floor because she knows damned well that every time she hops on bed with a man and opens her legs she is taking the chance of becoming pregnant. Further, compelling a sibling to give up an organ for anyone is a completely different situation because that sibling has a choice in the matter. An unborn baby has NO CHOICE as to whether or not it wants top be MURDERED in the womb.
There will always be mistakes no matter how carefully we try to avoid them. It is unfortunate that that happens, but some times there is just no way the appeals process clears them in time, no matter how long it is dragged out.
He also apparently doesn't know about Margaret Sanger's reasons for founding Planned Parenthood, or how she collaboration with Dr. Josef Goebble's on Eugenics.
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