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You're right Darby. But we all know that Obama isn't going to let that happen. So the next best alternative is to keep picking away at it.
Exactly right, Alive. It's like those two Country singers who "came out" this week. I don't listen to Country music per se, but that is something the world DID NOT NEED, or want, to know. KEEP YOUR DAMNED SEX LIFE TO YOURSELF!!!
Absolutely right, Dave.
I haven't read any of the previous replies because I just logged in, but WHAT THEY SHOULD DO is chip away at it, repealing a little bit at a time until Obama surrenders and just scraps it. What they WILL do is curl up into the fetal position and surrender.
Don't expect Willie to prove that claim, he can't.
Actually little Willie, gays don't need any help at creating hatred toward them. They do an excellent job of EARNING ALL of the hate they receive, all by themselves. Would you like some examples? I've got TONS of them.
Tonight, Dictator Obama officially told my parents and grandparents that they were FOOLS to go through the long and expensive process to come here legally. They should have waited for him to become president then entered the country through Mexico and he would have waived the fact that they were here illegally, and just made it go away. Needless to say they are furious, as am I. But sadly, the Republican "leadership" has made it crystal clear that they are not going to do anything about this, just as they have not done anything about any of Obama's other illegal abuses of his office. Many of them even cheated, using Democrat type tactics, to win their primaries to make sure people who WOULD act to stop Obama didn't get elected. The prospect of going back to Italy, permanently, is looking better all the time.
I haven't been here for a while but I see it hasn't changed much. We've even got a new and stupider version of Allison. But to be honest Lolo Looney Tunes was here when I last posted which I think was almost a year ago, she's just gotten stupider.
Have no fear Lois, unlike the slugs you sleep with, Rush doesn't need viagra. Even if he did he pays for his own medications/prescriptions.
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