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What 2014 Means for 2016

ladyofthemanor Wrote: Dec 13, 2014 3:24 AM
Repubs just passed a pork-bellied bill that funds obozocare and amnesty. I can't believe it! Repubs keep going in that direction and we will NOT have an R president. The R party received their power by the people's vote. We voted you in and we'll vote you out. The R party-controlled House is arrogant, condescending, insulting, and brain dead.
Let me get this straight. Boehner passed this 1.1 trillion dollar bill to ensure NO govt shutdown, but it also FUNDS obozocare and amnesty. Is this guy out of his mind?? Boehner is sooo afraid Repubs will be blamed for a govt shutdown he's willing to allow this pork in the bill. It's time to get rid of Boehner, McConnell, Lindsey Graham, and McCain. The ink isn't even dry and the Repubs are screwing up!!
Can't comment on an article I can't read or hear. What's up with that. Can't even sign in to post comment.
Me too!! When Trey first came on the TV screen I was impressed. I've been so impressed ever since.
You don't joke about voter fraud. It is so prevalent in the demonrat party that it's NOT funny!
No, not Jeb. He's too soft on amnesty.
Good, I'm glad she's in trouble. Get rid of the piglet.
I prefer wetbacks. Nevadans need to get rid of skeleton Reid and his son.
As soon as I heard the liar-in-chief on Fox cable I turned if off. We all knew what he was going to say, why bother seeing that smug look on his face.
No, No. Trey looks fine. When Trey fixed his hair I was disappointed. I liked his version of a mohawk. Now he looks like every other congressman, but when I hear him speak and I'm in another room in the house I know it's him. It's okay Dave, Trey looks f-i-n-e !
Brett, yes. Chris, maybe. I'd like to see Hannity.
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