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".... deep voter discontent ..." Try deep voter anger!
He's wrong for the party? Why? Alright, so he's pro-choice. A lot of Repubs are pro-choice; they just don't tell us. He would've been better than Shaheen.
Rick Scott spent his own money, so what. Did Crist spend his own money OR spend taxpayer money? I'm glad Scott won. Crist will run in another election as a libertarian. He also comes across as an arrogant sob. Strutting around with other demonrats he thought he had it made. Surprise!
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Wow! Just Wow!

ladyofthemanor Wrote: Nov 07, 2014 6:04 PM
Okay we get it. Let us celebrate and rejoice for now. Watching those returns come in one right after the other was exciting. We'll get back to business on Monday. We know Congress has a lot of work to do. GOP do something to eliminate voter fraud; 2016 is coming up fast. In the meantime, I want to bask in the glory of winning!
Okay GOP earn our trust, do right by the people and we'll elect a Repub president. And when I say the "people" I'm referring to American citizens and those who have applied for citizenship. Boehner says this is not the time for celebration, damn right it is! We've been waiting for this red sweep for the last six yrs. We'll celebrate, party, be happy, and maybe a little gloating. Come Monday, it's back to work. We won!
I'm so glad Rick Scott won another term for governor. Congratulations for beating out that arrogant, strutting peacock!
Voted today..... Repubs across the board. Hoping for excellent results.
Off topic. TownHall why are you showing negative ads on Marshall Tuck?? Are these ads created by demonrats?? Tuck's plan is to "guarantee local control, more money to classrooms, better use of technology and ensure an effective teacher in every classroom" Marshall Tuck is backed by the Repubs in California.
As long as Repubs do NOTHING about voter fraud, we will not win. The atmosphere created by Obo and the demonrats is right for the taking. If not now, then when? If not us, then who? We might not get another chance.
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The Love Affair Ends

ladyofthemanor Wrote: Nov 02, 2014 2:16 AM
We'll soon see if the love affair has truly ended. All these polls showing the GOP is ahead is meaningless until the true votes are counted. Voter fraud is still in play.
This Begich guy is a damn liar. Demonrats caucus with other demonrats.
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