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Border patrol agents need to travel in large numbers. When they're threatened by wet backs, agents can shoot to kill. I'm tired of hearing our U.S. citizens being killed by these wet backs!!
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Oprah Plays Obama-Race-Card

ladyofthemanor Wrote: Nov 17, 2013 1:22 AM
We, the people respect the office of the presidency. But we DO NOT have to respect the man occupying that office. Oprah playing the race card is unbelievable. Obozo the clown, the first black president, is also the first openly socialist president. I despise this empty suit for slowly destroying this wonderful country. As for you Oprah, you should know better.... you go to hell.
You stupid Californians. Who did you think was gonna pay for obozocare .... the government?? Who funds the government? Taxpayers; that's you and me.
Video did not run; cannot comment.
Putting this guy, Milk, on a postage stamp who raped teenage boys is more than uncivil ...... it's evil !!
The guy says he wants healthcare for everybody, but didn't think he'd have to pay for it.... what a stupid statement!! The Repubs, conservatives, and tea party have been saying for years our premiums would skyrocket and so it has. Are the liberals that clueless they couldn't see this coming?? YES, they are. The people loyal to the clown in the White House are absolutely insane!!
George Will is a left wing loon. What is Fox thinking?? I go to Fox for conservative views. They have enough progressives. One I can't stand is that fat black woman, what's her face .... Jehmu Green.
I understand Fox wants young people to attract young people, but how old are you Guy ..... 14. Congratulations to you as a Fox contributor!
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Mitt Rasputin

ladyofthemanor Wrote: Aug 25, 2013 7:46 PM
I agree with the two above ....both sides apply. I believe Romney would've been a wonderful president. But because of left wing voter fraud and the so-called evangelicals we got Obozo.
Honestly thought Calif would be at the top of the list. It turns out it's Louisiana followed by Wyoming and New Jersey; holy cow! What happened? Could it be the radical policies of previous governors..... hmmm.
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Nancy Pelosi, Creep Enabler

ladyofthemanor Wrote: Aug 09, 2013 5:24 PM
California needs to get rid of Pelosi and Boxer. Unfortunately demoRats outnumber the conservatives. I've had enough of that multiple facelifted witch!!
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