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As soon as I heard the liar-in-chief on Fox cable I turned if off. We all knew what he was going to say, why bother seeing that smug look on his face.
No, No. Trey looks fine. When Trey fixed his hair I was disappointed. I liked his version of a mohawk. Now he looks like every other congressman, but when I hear him speak and I'm in another room in the house I know it's him. It's okay Dave, Trey looks f-i-n-e !
Brett, yes. Chris, maybe. I'd like to see Hannity.
I second the nomination.
Trey Gowdy .... YES. I second that motion. Brett, yes. Chris, maybe. How about Hannity?
I've heard that "they had something on him" But I like to think that no member of SCOTUS can be bribed. I've always suspected that John Roberts had something up his sleeve when he ruled that obamacare was a tax. It's possible he wanted the "public to reject and repeal". Encouraging us to THINK. To come up with legal ways to eliminate this so-called affordable care act. Why Roberts wanted us to take care of this OUR way may become apparent in the near future.
LOL, LOL. Gruber just confirmed what the American people already suspected; that obamacare was no good. "The stupidity of the American voter"? We DID NOT vote for this scam. The demonrats voted for it, without reading it (talk about stupidity) and rammed it down our throats. Repubs had no say in its passing. If you'll remember the Repubs had the door shut in their faces when demonrats had their closed-door meeting. The stupidity belongs to the demonrats. However, with Gruber's freudian slip, We the People now have confirmation that what we and the conservatives always knew was correct... this is a bad law-of-the land healthcare. Now, Repubs come up with a better idea!
".... deep voter discontent ..." Try deep voter anger!
He's wrong for the party? Why? Alright, so he's pro-choice. A lot of Repubs are pro-choice; they just don't tell us. He would've been better than Shaheen.
Rick Scott spent his own money, so what. Did Crist spend his own money OR spend taxpayer money? I'm glad Scott won. Crist will run in another election as a libertarian. He also comes across as an arrogant sob. Strutting around with other demonrats he thought he had it made. Surprise!
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Wow! Just Wow!

ladyofthemanor Wrote: Nov 07, 2014 6:04 PM
Okay we get it. Let us celebrate and rejoice for now. Watching those returns come in one right after the other was exciting. We'll get back to business on Monday. We know Congress has a lot of work to do. GOP do something to eliminate voter fraud; 2016 is coming up fast. In the meantime, I want to bask in the glory of winning!
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