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Just occurred to me, Matt, you're referring to the 2014 midterm elections. That's the turning point to the right. Then the House turned on the voters by funding obozocare and amnesty. A lot of repubs and conservatives are mad as hell.
Oh, I like that. I don't see our country has moved to the right since Obo. 51% of American voted for this clown twice. So how can we be moving to the right??
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Will Brian Williams Lose His Job?

ladyofthemanor Wrote: Feb 06, 2015 3:18 AM
Liar, Liar. What else has he lied about?? All credibility is lost.
Bingo!! Straight out of the Walking Dead. Each time I see it, I can't stop laughing.
Yeah, Obo has been cooking the books on unemployment since he took office. Americans know Obo is a chronic liar. I don't believe anything he says. Two years is an eternity to wait for this clown to leave. It's time for a Repub POTUS.
My Asian friends vote demonrat because they're told to by their friends. I tell them to vote Repub because the GOP policies are more in line with theirs. MOST Asians don't need government hand outs or entitlements. The Asian culture stresses education and saving money; thus allowing them to take care of their families, immediate and extended. The Asian family has multiple family members living in one house. This accounts for three to four income earners. The house is paid in full, the children earn college degrees, they get jobs and contribute to the household income. The children don't leave until the parents are financially secure.
Looks like Scott Walker may be the GOP nominee. Okay, then.
Weasel Reid's photo looks like something out of a horror movie. Too bad his injuries were not worse. LOL, LOL.
So Bergdahl is finally being charged with desertion. When he's found guilty he needs to be shot. Btw, his father looks like a muslim terrorist; or is it islamic terrorist??
Hey Obo, go to your room and pout. Nobody cares about your whining. I would like to hear Netanyahu speak before our congress. I hope Fox News televises it.
Cruz cannot run for president for the simple reason, he was born in Canada. One must be born in the U.S. to be eligible. What has changed and when?? Oooh, did it change when Obo was elected and his birthplace was never really confirmed because of the lies, fraudulent birth certificate, and cover up by the loons? All that just to elect the first black POTUS who turned out to be a disaster and embarrassment!
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