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Wait, I'm confused. First they tell us it was an organized protest over a video, then it was a spontaneous protest over a video, and now they tell us there was not protest. And they don't understand why we are questioning Ms. Rice and the administration?? Am I wrong here or did I miss something??
I try and be fair and watch several news outlets. I want to hear all sides, I don't always agree but I like to hear other ideas, etc. Over the past few weeks I've been paying closer attention to MSNBC, I had never really watched it before, and something occurred to me. The other night I switched on "The Ed Show", and I had thought I'd hear abour Israel and what did he start his show with?? Criticizing Fox News, then it hit me....MSNBC wouldn't have anything to talk about if it wasn't for Fox.
CM, his agenda is already well on it's way. I think we are teetering on the edge of the fiscal cliff and desperately trying to find the ripcord to pull on the way down.
GW, I was born and raised in Latrobe. I no longer live there but let me tell you that you are right about the people of Latrobe. They are honest, hard working, salt of the earth types. They want jobs that pay a decent wage to support their families. My father worked Latrobe Die Casting and the Union killed it!! Closed the plant and move it out of state. I believe he lost his pension too. He retired a few years later from another job that paid half of what he was making at Die Casting. He was a life long Democrat and always told me that the Dems were for "the working man." My father passed away in '09 and although he voted for Obama in '08, I don't think Dad would be to happy with the way things are going today. Romney/Ryan 2012
PA Voter: I also live in SW PA, in a suburb of Pittsburgh. When I picked up my son from school yesterday we counted the Romney/Ryan vs. Obama/Biden signs on the one mile trip home. Results: Romney/Ryan-17 Obama/Biden-1 Most people also had accompaning signs to fire Obama because of his war on coal. If I remember correctly, in the last election most of the state was red except for the urban areas of Pittsburgh and Philly. I can only pray that PA sees all red on Tuesday.
I agree George. I live in PA also and in my neighborhood Romney/Ryan signs outnumber Obama sign's 5 to 1. If I remember correctly, it was the urban areas of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh that tipped PA blue in the last presidental election, the rest of state was red.
Just wait unil the Obamacare "Death Panels" kick in.
Well, maybe he doesn't want a good crisis to go to waste. (sarc)
"The governments "free phone" program has been around since 1985 (Under Reagan) with land lines. But in 2008, under BUSH (not Obama), the program was moved over to cell phones." Then we should tell the "Obamaphone" lady that it was Bush, a republican, who started the free cell phones. Wonder what she would think about that? Wonder if she would change her vote then?
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