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Racial Preferences: Unfair and Ridiculous

LadyKatie Wrote: May 07, 2012 2:02 PM
If one were to look at the numbers, I know the counties that I looked at, the only under represented group is the White Male. Shows you how Afirmative action can get out of control. I think we are to a point where the ONLY factor to one being hired/accepted should be their qualifications, there should be NO identifing info on the applications as to age, sex or race.

Washington Post editorial writer and liberal blogger Jonathan Capehart is puzzled. Why does the "non-issue" of Harvard Law professor and Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren's Native American ancestry "require so much attention?" he asked last week.

When Warren was teaching at Pennsylvania, Texas and Houston law schools, she identified herself as Indian -- or, to be politically correct, Native American.

Then she was hired at Harvard and dropped the Native American from her biographical description. Harvard Law today says it has one faculty member of Native American heritage. But it won't say which one.

Capehart argues that...