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Bud, if these Marxists hate anything. home schooling is right at the top of the list. Commies ALWAYS want the children young, just like the Soviet youth and the Hitler youth, many of whom turned their own parents in to be killed or sent off to Gulags or concentration camps. Obama and his Brownshirts would do the same and not bat an eyelash.
Gee, you're so subtle, Adolph. Did you take your favorite de Prebmint Corpse Man's nickname to post under. Must be a new game plan from the DNC. Guess they think we're all morons like their demmie brethren over there at Huffblow.
Since when do the vast majority of black teachers need outside help to look bad?
Gee, you're so subtle. Must be a new game plan from the DNC. Guess they think we're all morons like their demmie brethren/
Amy, notice they yap about child abuse and then yawn while over 100,000 unborn babies are slaughtered every single month in this country. But protect the whales! Protect the Yellow Snail Darter!
Progs will take over their grave sites when there are no morons left to feed them.
Do I ever remember what they did and said about GW~!!!! They even made a movie about how to assassinate the guy! Can you even begin to imagine a movie like that where Obama is clearly the subject but not specifically named? Are you kidding me? Black mobs would burn down every sity in America!
George, you're of course right. We need to find a way for some impartial body to administer these schools - either that or shut down ALL public schools and go to a voucher system and allow people to sort out the good schools by voting with their feet. The Department of Education should be abolished altogether - like right now~!
Re Allitard's comments about whites committing 50% of the crime, like all progs she it totally illiterate in statistics or deliberately deceptive - I choose deliberately deceptive. Comparative statistics mean absolutely nothing unless expressed as a percentage of the group under discussion, especially when it comes to crime stats. Young black men between are less than 6% of the entire US population but commit over 45% of ALL the violent crimes and felonies - and over 95% of all interracial rapes! White men almost NEVER rape black women. If whites committed crimes upon blacks in the same proportion, I can assure you we would no longer have a racial problem in this country - there would BE no blacks!
Maybe as we speak they are seriously considering a law making it a felony, to record any teacher in a classroom. And if it's a white student recording a plantation democrat, a hate crime.
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