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Dimwit Energy Policies, Record Corn Prices

ladisney Wrote: Aug 11, 2012 11:30 AM
What do leftists stand for? -Using food to make fuel even if the poor in other countries starve. -Banning DDT even if millions in other countries die of malaria. -Banning Freon even if the ban makes no difference to the environment, makes air conditioning more expensive and reduces food safety, especially in poorer countries. -Spending TRILLIONS to combat “man made global warming” even if, according to their own predictions, it will make no appreciable difference in climate but will drastically reduce standards of living around the world. -Banning logging, irrigation, and pipelines to protect species that don’t need protection but does put Americans out of work and increase food, fuel and wood prices. Elections have consequences!

The price of corn is at all all-time high because of extreme drought conditions in the US coupled with the hottest July temperatures since records began 117 years ago.

Inane Policies

US policy mandates production of ethanol for blending in gasoline. That ethanol comes mostly from corn.

Diverting corn crops to inefficient ethanol production has members of the Group of 20 leading economies – including France, India and China – concerned about the US ethanol policy.