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Marco Rubio Shows the Moral Courage To Fix An Old, Horrible, Secret Immigration Deal

Ladd5 Wrote: Apr 24, 2013 7:47 AM
Where to begin. Benko is wrong on every major point. I'll just deal with one: "Latinos are preponderantly conservative". Is that why they have a birth illegitimacy rate over 70%, and why they vote >70% Democratic, and why such a large percentage of them are on on welfare? The conservative Latino is a myth, Ralph. Ask yourself why Democrats so enthusiastically support this bill. It's because it guarantees them the Presidency and both houses of Congress for decades.
Hawker 1 Wrote: Apr 24, 2013 7:58 AM
You are right on all points . Who the H is Benko anyway. He must own a Hotel,yard service bus.,or a large farming bus. and sees a good time ahead for the next 10 years. Then we will have another 20 million to give amnesty to.
Secure the boarder and hit the ones who hire the illegals with large fines.
The self deportation would happen then. We could then work on the other points like worker permits with no path to citizenship. We don't need citizens on Dem.s free ride programs for votes. Rubio should know better but then I guess there are a lot of Cruze ships to man, and farms to work and he thinks he get the votes.

Marco Rubio came under intense fire from the Heritage Foundation last week for his stance in favor of a comprehensive immigration reform. Reform, as it must, includes a path to earn citizenship for illegal aliens who can prove themselves otherwise of good character. Heritage launched a blistering attack on Rubio. Rubio, not Heritage, is on the right track.

There was an unclean deal on immigration reform almost thirty years ago, details here revealed for perhaps the first time. It needs to be cleaned up. Rubio’s way is the right way. The 1986 immigration reform legislation signed into law, by President Reagan,...