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Make the Democrats Own the Obama Economy

la. morales Wrote: Nov 29, 2012 10:05 AM
Ann, 100% right. Republicans, especially Bush, handed out the presidency to the Democrats. When in power they haven't done anything to free the media and the education system of the stranglehold the communists have on them. Both Bushes have been instruments in handling the country to the new Democoms in a silver plate. The Tea Parties should abandon the Republican party and create a new one. Leave the old Republican party to the rich who have become, incredibly as it may seem, socialists,
CVN65 Wrote: Nov 29, 2012 10:36 AM
They're not actually socialists; they want the upper middle and middle class to be downgraded. It's no fun to be rich if your accountant drives a BMW or your dentist's wife can shop at the same boutiques as your wife. They want more separation from the proles.

One bright spot of Barack Obama's re-election was knowing that unemployment rates were about to soar for the precise groups that voted for him -- young people, unskilled workers and single women with degrees in gender studies. But now the Democrats are sullying my silver lining by forcing Republicans to block an utterly pointless tax-raising scheme in order to blame the coming economic Armageddon on them.

Democrats are proposing to reinstate the Bush tax cuts for everyone ... except "the rich." (Why do only tax cuts come with an expiration date? Why not tax increases? Why not...