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Next ayatollah Schumer will want a tax on Christians and Jews
Don't dis Biden, I'm sure if he spilled the beans on Benghazi he cold easily become win the democratic nomination. And if he talked about the IRS scandal he would be the next president.
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Obamacare and New Coke

LA-Steve Wrote: Dec 16, 2013 3:35 PM
Even if Obamacare were repealed tomorrow, much of the damage has already been done and cannot be undone. We will face higher premiums because of consolidation within the healthcare industry and fewer providers. Based on Obama's past performance we know he doesn't care about the average American and he will fight any congressional changes. He will only make short term decisions that will hurt us more in the long run.
Mike Shedlock is a smart guy, but this has to be the dumbest article I ever read. He confuses high income earners with the rich. Rich people tend to nave lower incomes because or where their money comes from and the tax breaks available. While high income earners have the potential to become rich, you don't truly become rich until you start accumulating assets rather than fiat money.
I think your estimate is low. How much do you think government is taking off the top. For medicaid I beleive their cut is close to 50%, or at least is was in 2008. Probably more because of all the extra bureaucracy.
Everyone talks about the higher costs of Obamadon'tcare which is seen. How about the unseen destruction of wealth through reduced employment and reduced investment, not to mention all of the assets invested offshore rather than being invested here. Even if Obamacare is repealed the damage has already been done.
I am against Obamadon'tcare and while I am a big fan of Ted Cruz and the Tea Party I am neither a conservative or libertarian. I still think its better to message what you are for than what you're against.
I think the GOP is still trying to pull defeat from the jaws of victory. To win you need to tell people what you stand for, not what you're aagainst.
The idea of free money is a good one but it would not work if the government taxes income or sales which are essentially the same bad tax. The government provides real but unrecognized benefits that people would be willing to pay for. Instead it destroys lives and impoverishes everyone destroys the initiative of the poor and forces the prosperous to avoid taxes rather than making good investments that would enrich everyone.
We have a constitutional process for making laws and amending the constitution. I would argue that any treaty that changes constitutional rights of citizens should not be approved otherwise those voting for the treaty have committed treason.
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