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So long as commentators are not willing to stand for election themselves I am going to conclude that the only thing they are interested in is running their mouths instead of running the country. Why aren't more of these people that see what is occuring to the country and who actually have chances of being elected due to their radio, internet and other followings---actually RUNNING so that an end can be put to this!
Boehner is sadly unfit to be House Leader or a major leader of the GOP. Obama's stupid but self revealing comment was any person's definition of a 'teachable moment' and Boehner is blowing it before our eyes. He's not on the talk shows whether televised or radio, nor is he writing any op- ed pieces to create the public support he needs to stare the spending down. He Never should have been tolerated as leader the first time much less the second.
The "RINOs" do need to go, but it is just not soley up to you and me as voters. Conservatives who receive our trust and become elected need to grow spines get organized and become aggressive. The re-election of Boehner as Speaker was just a another example of wimpy performance on their part. He needed >213 votes & received 220. One idiot voted 'present' , 10 voted for write in candidates while on the other hand 192 votes went to Nancy Pelosi. If the caucus had stood up to him and given him 213 votes instead of 214 he would have had to face an immediate run off election and perhaps might have faced a true challenger. I'm really disappointed in them.
"Cruz wouldn't have a snowballs chance of being a CA Senator" This is only true because CA citizens refuse to reflect on their conservative heritage and to be energized during election seasons. The state of Proposition 13 and Ronald Reagan has just given the fight for freedom in America for no reason that I can see. They've given up so badly that the re-election of Jerry Brown as governor became possible. This should be a warning to us all of how neccessary citizen participation is. You can't just 'let some one else do it' you are that someone else.
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What's Wrong with the GOP?

L2Right Wrote: Jan 05, 2013 2:19 PM
What's wrong with the GOP is that it has been hijacked by unpricipled professionals within and outside of government such as John Boehner, DickArmey and others. T Beltway insiders that have lived in DC too long consider themselves our rulers. We the people, aka 'flyover country' are to be ignored until the next fundraising and election cycle. We never will end these end these budget battles until we have principled and strong leadership on the right both inside and outside of government. Being strong means being willing to walk away from a bad negotiation even if it triggers days or weeks of Federal government shutdown. I'm disappointed in them.
Not only has the media failed to address the use of psychotropic prescribed medications--except in obscure bit pieces, they fail to bring proper attention to the use of recreational drugs by mental patients, James Holmes, the former graduate student suspected in the "Batman Movie Massacre" was in a near constant state of marijuana inebriation for months prior to his alleged mass murders.
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