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You should talk -- you're the biggest Moron on this website
LOL!! Just like the birth certif, right? It was produced but now the Birther Idiots claim it's not real and it was just created for public viewing. Nothing will satisfy those SOB's
Sorry Potato-brain, but saying they've been gobsmacked but they don't know it is the same as it having no impact at all. Good for Rom -- he paid taxes -- but his astronomical income won't sit very well in a bad economy. I predict no change in the polls because of this.
Weren't you on here Bitchhing a Fit because of the way people talk to each other? What a f u cking hypocrite you are Granny. LOL!! We get it -- you're upset about the turn of events. Better Face it - Mitt is over and done with.
Good For Mitt but it makes no difference. No one is going to celebrate this mulit-millionaire's release of his tax forms and think that it's some kind of vindication, when people are struggling to make ends meet. His offshore accounts and investments? nice, but no wonder he's viewed as having his head implanted up his a ss as far as understanding regular American people.
Gets Punk'd?? And you really complain that no one takes right-wing Slash and Slander media seriously? He already announced he was going to release them. If you're trying to make Rom into some kind of honest,upright superhero, I'm afraid you're way too late for all that.
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Inside Team Romney's Plans To Win

L.Z. Wrote: Sep 18, 2012 5:12 PM
There's a good reason why he won't be associated with the likes of Rush, Hannity and the others. He's got at least that much sense to stay away from the Rightwing Kings of Hatespeech.
Right he wouldn't flip his finger. Sure. He'd just attack someone who doesn't fit in and chop their hair off as a prank. Rom is as full of shlt as any politician -- any of them. And don't even mention the empty chair -- THAT was seen as serious lapse of judgment on Rom's part -- bringing up that embarrassing cringe-worthy episode won't do you any good at all.
Moron. Still want to know who is "going Bonkers" and why on earth someone thinks Rmoney could possibly spin his verbal barf into something positive.
Who is "Going Bonkers?" "Where?" Obama is beating Rmoney in all the polls -- Rom hasn't been vindicated in the least -- he's pretty much circling the drain after his dismissive comment about half the US population.
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