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How do you teach an illegal child with no english or basic education in general to be a productive member of this country? This is near impossible when the child is a teenager. There's a reason the law requires english and a basic understanding of the Rule of Law and Constitution to become a citizen in the U.S.. Fed Ed can't teach citizens but some how will be successful with foreigners? Not likely...
So if you are denied a license, you must surrender your property, (guns) to the police? Does that mean if you are driving without a license, you give up your vehicle to the police? This guy is as sick as Moonbeam in California.
Absolutely correct. Che was a coward and murderer.
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$15B Deal on Vets' Health Care Reached

L. Stephen Wrote: Jul 29, 2014 11:26 AM
After decades of incompetence at the VA, in a few short months the corrupt-o-crats have scrubbed the budgets, evaluated the org charts and now know more money is needed to solve the VA problems. Is there anyone in government with any, any skills? I think not. More money continues to mask the serious lack of skilled employees in government.
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Obama To Go Big on Unilateral Amnesty

L. Stephen Wrote: Jul 25, 2014 1:47 PM
And the citizenry sits on its hands while this tyrant does what he pleases. Your children and grandchildren will be impacted the most by this unconstitutional executive order.
That looks like Harry Reid, Joe Biden and.... is that Chucky?
Fact: Those illegally crossing our southern border today make up about 20% children and 80% adults. This is something the media has deliberately failed to state in its daily opinions bashing citizens for not jumping for joy.
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Apology to an Anti-Chicken Bigot

L. Stephen Wrote: Jul 18, 2014 5:34 PM
Well stated Dr. Adams...
Once again, Hobby Lobby does provide contraceptives to its employees Mr. Manchin. The SCOTUS decision did not take that away from anyone; get it ?
Funny how when the laws were enforced we did not have these issues. But ignoring the law is what government does best especially when there's an envelope attached. The US had clearing houses for temp immigrants to get green cards. Of course that wasn't good enough so when the feds failed to enforce the law, more and more came. No consequences. Now the taxpayers should layoff most of the BP, DEA, FBI, NSA and HS for starters since they do nothing anyway. We need to hire current and former military personnel for border security.
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