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The liberals real war on women.( Teen, preteen, and unborn women)
Yeah they knew he was lying all the while they were calling anyone that attempted to point out that he was lying a Racist!
Can't we just give him a permanent vacation?
Fred Sanford wasn't a great businessman but at least he was employed.
Hey stop dissing George Jefferson, He would have been a better president. He at least knew how to run a successful business. Obama on the other hand only knows how to, give a speech using a teleprompter.
His teleprompter programmer needs to learn to spell better
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If George W. Bush Were President Today

L.M.B. Wrote: Apr 27, 2013 12:30 AM
If Bush were still president, we would not have to worry about the impending implications of the unaffordable care act.
Yeah, you have to watch out for all of those Evangelical Christians,and Catholics that are strapping bombs to themselves,and setting them off in public areas while yelling praise be to Jesus. (Insert sarcasm)
Jim Carrey is a triple D. (Dumber than Dumb, & Dumber).
Letterman is just now realizing that Obama lies! Kind of slow witted isn't he?
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