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Story and Politics

kywriter Wrote: Aug 30, 2012 12:09 AM
Good to see you here, Dr. Grabar. A liberal writer-acquaintance said one of the smartest things about story and politics I ever read: that the vision controlling the Story, the underlying myth of a society, controls the whole society. It looks like the GOP is finally figuring out the power of stories. It's about time.
Republicans, especially those within the ranks of the establishment, have insisted that during this general presidential election, it is upon the policies—not the person—of Barack Obama that they will set their sights.

This judgment is understandable enough.

For one, Obama is a Democrat. As such, he has the juggernaut of the so-called mainstream press behind him. Republicans, that is, are at a considerable disadvantage in the public relations war.

Also, and at least as importantly, the Democratic occupant of the White House has been universally hailed as America’s “first black president.”

Considering that...