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Myths to Ditch in 2014

kywriter Wrote: Jan 15, 2014 12:28 PM
He's only saying that we need to step down and try to understand the other side, not that we need to cave to them. If we don't understand where they're coming from, we'll never be able to change them. It's the difference between a name-calling match (which we currently have) and a rational adult discussion (which we need.)
Hanna Rosin can - and she has a large, largely silent following. They've been shouted down by the other segment of feminism. However, I don't think they'll be silent too much longer.
Er, did you actually read the article, or just the headline? There was no whining here, sweetheart.
Feminism and liberalism are not the same thing. I am a feminist, but I am also a conservative libertarian and pro-life right down the line - after all, half of all unborn babies are females, too. I think women should be treated just like men when issues of fairness and opportunity come up - and I do mean JUST LIKE men, no special favors or assistance. I also have no problem with being treated like a lady socially, or with treating a man like a man. Don't bash feminism - there are more women like me every day, and I think we may be the future face of the women's movement, a life-affirming and feminine-embracing group encompassing both liberal and conservative wings.
The Obama administration certainly made an attempt to strangle the Tea Party in its cradle by siccing the IRS on the truly grassroots segments, though, didn't they? What irony: the most citizen-driven politics we've had in decades and maybe over a century, and the "most transparent administration" from the "party of the people" tried to destroy it with illegal means. But the Tea Party isn't money or organization. It's a resurgence of American spirit and hope, and it can't be killed so easily.
Talent never guaranteed brains. Quite the opposite, I suspect.
And when we did that, we were being mean and unfair. Remember that?
Because a lot of young people listen to them. We should at least know what the enemy is saying, as it does influence people who go out and vote to be "cool."
Obama does not represent black Americans. He just looks like them. In actuality, he represents the corporate interests that are lining his pockets - just like most politicians.
Not all the people who need them were involved in this. But grocery stores have a very slim profit margin. A one-percent uptick in shoplifting can make a huge impact. When you have a chain, you reduce the ability to charge higher prices in targeted stores to eliminate the shoplifting impact. It makes sense for chains, which have the efficiency to charge lower prices, to dump stores in high-shoplifting areas. They are replaced by independents who charge higher prices because of their lower efficiency. The net effect is that poor but honest people suffer the most. That doesn't mean the government needs to intervene. It means bad people need to go to jail more. Petty crimes have huge impacts on entire communities.
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