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The Tragic State Of American Advocacy Groups

KYoung43 Wrote: Jun 24, 2012 12:32 PM
AARP lost me when they lobbied to permit Congress to tax the social security income sent to senior citizens. Money talks. The AMA has become no different than any other union except for the color of the collars. The umbrella to protect the innocent protects everyone who pays dues. Incompetent doctors and incompetent teachers are shielded by their unions.

Hey AARP, and AMA – where did you lose your souls? And where does the iron fist of President Obama end – and where does your influence begin?

Throughout our nation’s history, private advocacy groups have given a voice to the “voiceless,” and have changed the way our government has treated people who otherwise had been trampled-upon or ignored. But today, two of the more prominent groups of these sorts have become indistinguishable from President Obama’s agenda for “change.”

And these two groups may also be learning a very painful and costly lesson: when you get too close to...