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Romney Will be Judged on Actions, Not Coverage

KYoung43 Wrote: Sep 18, 2012 9:26 AM
This is an excellent column, Mr. York. I don't think the Mainstream Media understand just how poorly THEY are regarded by those of us on Main STREET. I guess they pay no attention to their ratings. If counting the number of tweets each candidate receives is what they're going by, they aren't reading all those mentions. Not all the tweets are favorable to their boy Barry.
Salena Zito, a reporter with the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, watched Mitt Romney's Wednesday morning news conference from a diner in Wisconsin. Customers paid careful attention to the TV as reporters repeatedly asked Romney if he had made a mistake by criticizing President Obama's handling of the embassy crises in Egypt and Libya. The exchanges left no doubt that Romney's questioners thought he had made a mess of the situation.

But Zito found an entirely different reaction in the diner. "People were just floored by the press," she says. "The group was pretty mixed between Obama supporters and Romney supporters, and...