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Make the Democrats Own the Obama Economy

KYoung43 Wrote: Nov 29, 2012 1:10 PM
The wealthy do not pay taxes like the rest of us--they have offshore investments and pay taxes on the interest those investments earn. The unskilled, women and young people voted for Obama because he will give them free stuff. They don't care about working or jobs or making their own money. They want free phones because those of us with phones we paid for and signed contracts threatening near death if we cancel those contracts early, God forbid, pay for their free stuff. And that's the way it should be, in their mind. Romney promised jobs to a whole segment of the population that doesn't want to work. Period.
bigwheel4482 Wrote: Nov 29, 2012 1:52 PM
wow did you hit the nail on the head...I personally know many people and related to some who dont ever want to work. I work at BOA and i get dozens of calls everyday wondering if their SSI checks are in and most of them barely speak english.
JudithBG Wrote: Nov 29, 2012 1:23 PM
You are so full of it, your eyes are...
MacQ - Texas Wrote: Nov 29, 2012 3:25 PM
Maybe you should read her post again.

One bright spot of Barack Obama's re-election was knowing that unemployment rates were about to soar for the precise groups that voted for him -- young people, unskilled workers and single women with degrees in gender studies. But now the Democrats are sullying my silver lining by forcing Republicans to block an utterly pointless tax-raising scheme in order to blame the coming economic Armageddon on them.

Democrats are proposing to reinstate the Bush tax cuts for everyone ... except "the rich." (Why do only tax cuts come with an expiration date? Why not tax increases? Why not...