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Getting Obama in the Can

KYoung43 Wrote: Oct 06, 2012 8:38 AM
Debates are supposed to be unscripted "discussions" between two candidates. What are we going to do, have the next debate (which is a townhall format) stopped periodically while the prompters are loaded with Barry's message? Can't the man think on his feet ... oh, wait. Never mind. You're right--Obama's intelligence is simulated. He cannot make a sentence without numerous "uh" and "ah" crutches and hopes that his filibusters will bore the audience to the point that when he finally finishes they will have lost all concentration and forgotten what the initial question was in the first place.

As they say in Hollywood, “the results are in the can.” 

Mitt Romney wants to take the video footage of the recent presidential debate and arrange a Hollywood premier complete with limos, spotlights, and the red carpet. 

On the other hand, Barack Obama is wishing that the film could go through extensive editing and a definite rewrite. 

I’ve listened to both sides talk about the President regarding preparedness, his ability to focus, and his seemingly inattention to detail, and it was duly noted. 

But I thought there...

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