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Elizabeth Warren: Why Isn’t the Minimum Wage Triple What it is Today?

KYoung43 Wrote: Mar 20, 2013 9:44 AM
The minimum wage should not be $22 an hour today because Elizabeth Warren, that lying piece of WHITE trash, is pulling the numbers out of her nose. The liberal professor she's questioning is also pulling the numbers out of HIS nose. Progressives will say anything to prove their (false) point. No business is in business to offer charity to workers by paying them huge sums per hour when they know NOTHING. Minimum wage is for inexperienced workers to learn how to keep a job--NOT training them to DO the job. Most jobs are lost because people are late often, slack off while on the clock, are dishonest, cannot work well with others and/or do not take direction well. A lack of PEOPLE skills is why people are let go.

There is no doubt in my mind that liberal Democrats want nothing more than to see the working poor succeed and prosper. They believe in social justice, of course, and wholeheartedly agree that with a little help from government, poor people can magically escape a life of poverty and dependence. However, the policies they invariably propose almost always have the exact opposite effect they intend them to have. Enter Elizabeth Warren’s latest mind-numbing recommendation for raising the standard of living in the United States (via NRO):

In a hearing of the Senate Committee...