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Cruz: “I’m Pretty Certain Mitt Romney Actually French-kissed Barack Obama”

KYoung43 Wrote: Nov 18, 2012 9:24 AM
As a teacher, I learned that the way to make a point was to use an "attention getting device." Cruz's statement about french-kissing Obama (after my stomach stops learching at the prospect of ANYONE doing that--or seeing him and Mooch "swap tonsils," I'll try to continue) was definitely one of those devices. The RNC did NOTHING to help Romney with this battle, whether it was taking on even MORE the despicable MSM and their attacks on Romney's religion, his wealth, and when all else seemed open for discussion, Ann Romney's horse. I am ashamed of my country, my party and those who voted for a nincompoop for four more years of this baloney.
Harold15 Wrote: Nov 18, 2012 1:04 PM
The RNC does very little these days. They don't really help candidates win elections. What good are they? When it comes to the presidency, I just don't believe the Republicans really want to win back the WH. Look at all the loser candidates they field. The last decent one the Republicans fielded was Reagan. Because of him, I became a Republican. Because of Bush, Jr, I'm back to being an Independent. Plus, I don't like the direction the Republican party is going. No principles and no ethics. They are emulating the Democrats too much.
KYoung43 Wrote: Nov 18, 2012 9:27 AM
If these braindead parasites and racists think the run on Hostess baked goods was funny, wait until the shelves of ALL stores are empty. Remember reading about long lines to buy bread in the old USSR? There was no wheat to make bread, and the joke was that if you saw a line, you got in it even if you didn't know what it was for--because you probably needed whatever it was. This is no joke, but the parasites seem convinced their lives will be better with four more years of a golfer wannabe. I got news for 'em. I know my history and I dread what's coming. They, like Obama, have no clue.
jaxxie Wrote: Nov 18, 2012 9:39 AM
Get over yourself already - you sound like a Paranoid Freak. That's why we have elections -- everyone thought Bush/Cheney was going to turn the country into a dictatorship with his "I have political capitol to do what I want" and let's not forget "I'M The Decider!"

The US didn't end, the world didn't end and even after the economy tanked during Bush's last months in office, there was no question of the US's ability to persevere.

So wait 4 years and they'll be someone else. And quit whining already.
June56 Wrote: Nov 18, 2012 9:43 AM
Agree with you 100% - most still have their heads buried in the sand!
tibby2 Wrote: Nov 18, 2012 10:14 AM

the U.S. and the world will not end, that is geography. What is meeting its demise is liberty. What this election showed is that Americans have turned more toward the kinds of things that historically limit liberty.

For a long while what separated America from the world was not oceans but a belief in individual liberty and limited government. That along with capitalism enabled a young country to prosper and become a world leader. These were the soul of America but Americans have made a Faustian deal and sold that soul for thirty pieces of silver. They have betrayed the dreams of our Founders and exchanged it for the dreams of their messiah's father.
Harold15 Wrote: Nov 18, 2012 1:09 PM
After Obama took office, people worried about there being a food shortage. Obama said there wouldn't be. People began growing their own vegetables in their back yards. When asked to comment on this, Obama said those vegetable that people were growing would be considered taxable income and they would have to pay taxes on them.

2 or 3 months ago, at the QFC where I grocery shop, there was a notice posted at the entrance that many items may not be available for a few days. I was surprised at how many empty shelves their were. The milk freezer was half empty. Three days later, it WAS empty. No food shortage, huh? Tell me another one.

Yes, my friends, that is a direct quote. But here’s a bit of context before your collective imaginations start running wild (via Politico):

Sen.-elect Ted Cruz believes Mitt Romney got a little too close to Barack Obama in the third presidential debate.

“I’m pretty certain Mitt Romney actually French-kissed Barack Obama,” Cruz said in a speech at the Federalist Society’s annual conference Friday.

Cruz said that conservatives failed to make their case to the American people, leaving Romney no choice but to move toward the president. “We didn’t win the argument, we didn’t even make the argument” throughout much...