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Cop-Killer Supporter Marc Lamont Hill Gives Bogus Explanation for Pro-Dorner Comments

KYoung43 Wrote: Feb 15, 2013 3:26 PM
Marc Lamont Hill is getting away with all this the same way he got his job in the first place--through Affirmative Action. He has NOTHING going for him in the way of character. He is disgusting and his stance for the "downtrodden black man" against the "massa" is deplorable. He is not a positive role model, and Bill O'Reilly is as disgusting by referring to this racist professor, if that is indeed what he is, as "a stand-up guy." A pox on BOTH their houses.
MyBodyMyChoice Wrote: Feb 15, 2013 3:38 PM
So every black man with degrees only got them because of affirmative action?

White racist drivel.
paddy o'furniture Wrote: Feb 15, 2013 3:34 PM
Why does O'Reilly keep having Toby on anyway....?

As Townhall reported Wednesday, Columbia University Professor and cop-killer supporter Marc Lamont Hill described ex-LAPD officer Christopher Dorner as "exciting," as a "modern day Django," and as "not totally crazy." After much criticism on Twitter, Hill doubled down on his comments and last night on the O'Reilly Factor, he justified his argument again.

Notice how Hill started his response by...