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Dear Mitch

KYoung43 Wrote: Feb 26, 2015 7:43 AM
Been a member of the Republican party since my first vote (back when we had to be 21 years old to vote) in 1964. The drop in age to 18 ("because if you're old enough to fight and die for your country, you're old enough to vote," which is a non sequiter and no reason to lower the voting age at ALL) did not do the GOP any favors. Democrats practice identity politics like the experts they are, appealing to people's hearts and emotions with illogic and bee ess. The GOP is as you say, Derek, unwilling to beard the lion. Can't criticize the prezzydink because you'll be called a racist. Can't speak out against some emotional argument because the media will make fun of us. I am no longer a Republican. I have no party. My country doesn't exist anymore. I'm tired of having some hamfisted rat b-word putting his hands in my bank account and helping himself to money that goes to fund unwed mothers and other parasites. McConnell was a loser when he won; we knew he wasn't going to become anything remotely close to a LEADER of the new majority. John Boehner has not shown any leadership at all; when Cantor was defeated, his choice for a replacement was immediately elevated. And now John is doing the same crappy job he has done since 2010. We do not learn from our mistakes, either.
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O'Reilly, The Man Who Wasn't There?

KYoung43 Wrote: Feb 25, 2015 2:36 PM
Who is the wussy Fox News guy (Steve somebody-or-other) who runs away from any conflict (leaving his camerawoman behind in one instance). All he does is run and hide. he's not claiming to be some brave guy (at least he BETTER not be claiming bravery). He's a wimp and NOT someone I'd want protecting me. Thank goodness we have brave men and women who have volunteered to do that. O'Reilly is too much of a suckup to be a serious threat to journalists in the war zone. He soft-balls questions to Democrats like Obama just as masterfully as anyone in the MSM.
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Why Rudy and Walker Were Right

KYoung43 Wrote: Feb 25, 2015 7:48 AM
Too many members of the GOP are afraid to take the mud being slung and toss it right back at the slingers. They run from any statement or action that might cause them harm on the airwaves, the blogsites or in public opinion. They seem to think if they say nothing, their high and silent road will lead somewhere OTHER than to defeat. The last candidate who dared speak up was Chris Christy and someone got to him because he's falling in the polls and isn't saying much these days. We need someone with a spine, a Scott Walker, perhaps, who speaks truth without sounding like a Paulbot nutjob. Newt Gingrich is a breath of fresh air as is Rudy, but their personal lives make them cannon fodder because the MSM will grab onto their marriages (without regard to the number of Democrats who ALSO have crappy personal records) and no one on our side will speak up to support them. The GOP is a party of wimps, being run roughshod over by the party of socialists.
Okay, Californians, listen up! Sunday's sidebar headline in the Press Dispatch (Victor Valley Daily Press-Desert Dispatch--Barstow) says, "Motorists see jump at the pump." The People's choice for an unprecedented (Boy do I hate that word) 4th term as governor got the okay from the low-information voters who put him back in office to raise gas prices because of his determination to foist a cr*p and tax bill on us because HE believes in global warming and raising taxes on fuel prices will somehow fix that problem). Barack Obama, also an unprecedented choice for POTUS for the second time (same low-information voters behind his fraudulent ascension to the throne) has VETOED the Keystone Pipeline that would keep gas prices LOW. FIGURE IT OUT, folks. Those of you who voted for either of these rat b-words are responsible for the hikes in gas prices. In two years when gas is $6 a gallon, we'll come looking for you for recompensation. Votes have consequences, and votes for Democrats are NOT good for your personal health. Just sayin'.
I could only get through the first six or seven quotes. These rat b-words need to go live in a country ruled by the type of tyranny they think is superior to a free country like this one and see just what life there is REALLY like. Had the members of the Congressional Black Caucus been permitted to go in-country to Cuba and speak to those living in huts and caves, they would learn that the Castro boys and their late friend Che didn't do that country any favors.
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Murder on the Merriment Express

KYoung43 Wrote: Feb 23, 2015 12:51 PM
Was this event covered on the news? I didn't read anything about it in the paper OR online. Yet another way the left can sway voters into thinking mankind is bad for the envieronment. Easier to say "NO PIPELINE" than to actually look at the facts.
Did Mary Katharine contribute as much to this book as she is permitted to speak when co-hosting with you? Or did she write MOST of the book and you're taking half the credit? Just curious.
Whether one agrees with America's Mayor or not, he is totally entitled to say WHAT HE THINKS, which is exactly what he did. I'm not sure what you mean, Mr. Benson, about "for the record" ... his comments were "demagogic and unproductive." It was HIS OPINION, right, wrong, agree, disagree, whatever.
However, I'm sure she knew the risks before she left home.
At least Kayla was trying to "do good works" for 7th century folks. She wasn't a misguided (and misdirected) hiker who "accidentally" ended up on the wrong side of the border.
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Liberals, Stop Lying About Everything

KYoung43 Wrote: Feb 23, 2015 8:36 AM
Without reading the article, I have an answer to the first paragraph's question. Obviously the liberal lyin' elites are correct about the stupidity of American voters who pull the lever for the D candidate whether it is because he is dark skinned (and they believe he is "black" when he's actually half Arab), because they believe the hype of "share the wealth" and they think their 'big ticket' is just around the corner OR that is as far down the alphabet as they ever got in school and it's a letter they recognize because their report cards were covered with lots of Ds. Anyone with half a clue knows that the liberal approach to anything is higher taxes and wasted spending of same. There is no party of opposition to stand on the soapbox and refute their claims.
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