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And In Conclusion ... There Wasn't One

KYoung43 Wrote: Sep 13, 2014 8:11 PM
I have always thought Obama's speeches were "full of sound and fury, signifying nothing." He did not impress me as the skinny black fellow giving the keynote speech at the DNC in Nevada in 2004. He didn't impress me on the stump or during any of the debates in '08 or '12 (except that in '12 he had help from Candy the Cow Crowley who should have kept her big fat mouth shut except there was a big check and a box of donuts waiting for her when she left the stage). He has made his living giving empty speeches to rooms full of community residents who are there for the refreshments and heat or air conditioning as much as they are to hear some guy blather for 45 minutes. He walked out of those meetings with no intention of keeping any of his promises or working to make any of the situations for these folks better because he had no stake in anything he said. It hasn't changed. The ONLY thing that has changed have been the trappings of the office he now holds. Community organizers don't get fancy planes and don't hang out with celebrities, as a rule.
Obama's inexperience, his recycled Clintonista appointees, and his inability to learn ANYTHING on the job are "coming home to roost." If this is his idea of "reforming America," we are in deep trouble--and those who voted for him (including the dead who cast their ballots as often as possible) are totally responsible for the mess we face today. Those who stood silently by (this means YOU, RINO Republicans) are just as culpable.
Obama came into office with the "all about me" cloak of the malignant narcissist. His records were sealed, we knew NOTHING about him, but he was a snappy talker in a slick suit--and he could read from a teleprompter, which told ME he had no stake in what he was saying. He then gave the speech with the styrofoam columns and mist (I prefer to call it "hot air") about the earth beginning to heal, the seas ceasing their rise because he, HE, Barack Hussein Obama, "The One," was now President of the United States. Six years and numerous bunglings later (his utterances "off teleprompter" show a poser who knows very little of what he speaks), he is seeing the results of his claim that because HE is "historic" (a dark-skinned holder of the offoce of POTUS), our enemies would fall to their knees in supplication and the world would be united. Now he finds himself in a pickle--polls, the lifeblood of a politician, are plummeting because even the low-information voter is beginning to wake up. (I suspect the 30-something percent who still follow the guy are racists and white guilters). He has surrounded himself with people who know even less than he does about foreign policy, domestic policy, and workable economics. None of them has ever run a business, either. And now he's rushing to try to undo six years of crappy policymaking and poorly thought out decisions. Of COURSE his response on Wednesday night was "slapdash." And it isn't going to work.
I want to see the party of opposition. I THINK there is one.
He can show up and raise the money but he is NOT pro-Israel. He'll take their money and move on. He is the most anti-Israeli president we've had. Why Jewish voters are almost all Democrats is beyond me.
Before Obama, I was not impressed with the Democrat party for a number of reasons, not the first of which was that they truly hated America. There are reasons to be less than proud of some of America's past, but we have overcome a lot of problems and made life better for many around the world. When Acts of God or acts of despots create problems, we are the country that is called to help. Often America responds before the call is made. I guess that ticks off a lot of folks, but not to the point that we should become isolationist and sit back and do nothing. I am bothered more by the millions of dollars sent to countries that don't get to where the money is needed--fat dictators sitting on their thrones and amassing large fortunes while the people starve. (My big complaint about the Congressional Black Caucus going to Cuba right after Obama was elected and raving about how GREAT that Communist country was, never once setting foot outside the air conditioned confines of the palace and actually talking with real people--only those schooled and bribed by the Castro brothers). The "party of opposition" said nothing to counter the claims of the CBC traitors that their way was better than our way--ignoring the fact that OUR way gave them the seats that hold their fat behinds in DC.
I hope Obama is getting the inkling that perhaps his post-president life won't be as filled with hugs and kisses and big money speaking offers as he thinks it will be (which is why he seems to be in such a hurry to disengage from the duties of the office he holds). He's going to be a pariah in the weeds just like Carter is. Jimmuh makes himself relevant by saying stupid "stuff" and Obama says that isn't his strategy. (Does that mean we will finally receive nothing but silence from this guy? One can only hope).
"tremendously powerful and moving speech" from the Empty Suit in the White House? I think not. Coming from Obama, this is all platitudes--empty words and unicorn flattus. His "gift" (as he described his oratorical hot air to Harry Reid shortly after he was elected in '08) has been tarnished and worn by the fact that there is nothing behind it. He is a phony, a fraud, and I fear for our country that we have to put up with this cretin and his family for another two years. God save America.
This guy looks like a brown shirt.
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Marking The Anniversary…

KYoung43 Wrote: Sep 11, 2014 8:36 AM
Carter started the slide, Reagan got it back. Clinton resumed the downward trajectory, Bush got it back. Now this malignant narcissist thinking speeches and his skin color, which got him where he is today, will have the same affect on the Middle East. The low information voters and those involved in voter fraud (who brag about how the machines are rigged to show Democrat wins regardless of votes cast) are responsible for putting us in real danger today. I don't blame Bush for what happened on 9/11. Listen to the opening of the movie The Siege with Denzel Washington. It shows the first WTC bombing, the Marine barracks bombing, and other attacks on the United States and in the background is Slick Willy talking about hunting down the bad guys and bringing them to justice. Never happened. The bad guys learned from their mistakes and are stronger today. Democrats are the problem. Appeasement prone and uneducated, unwilling to learn from THEIR mistakes (because their eyes are on control of the masses in THIS country), they are putting us all in grave danger. I will pray for our safety today and throughout the month of September. God bless America, and God d*mn the Democart party.
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Nixon's Vindication

KYoung43 Wrote: Sep 09, 2014 7:53 AM
I often wondered growing up and learning about the atrocities of WWII how an entire world could not have seen what was happening to the Jews and others in Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia. And if someone DID see, why no one DID anything. Since that era, there have been mass murders in Russia (Stalin), Cambodia (Pol Pot)--the infamous Killing Fields--that went on and no one did anything. Assad gassing his own people, Saddam Hussein murdering his enemies, more Russian dictators killing their enemies ... The media is to blame, an appeasement prone Socialist left in this country and no party of opposition (save a lone voice here and there) allows this kind of thing to go on. Obama's penchant for vacations while two of our journalists were beheaded for all the world to see is a microcosm of what is wrong with us.The GOP lacks a united front and the MSM is also committing sins of omission.
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