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I think John is trying to look like he's been working SO hard (as "indefatigably" as the US Journalist's mother, in fact) that he hasn't had time to fix his coiffure.
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"I’d Drive His Bus if He Asked Me"

KYoung43 Wrote: Aug 24, 2014 10:02 AM
Just remember, Ronald Reagan ran three times, too.
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America: The Ostrich Years

KYoung43 Wrote: Aug 24, 2014 8:45 AM
And the MSM, ever in "spin" mode, declares that because Obama is back on the golf course, he is "one cold dude" (or something to that effect--Joe Scarborough is the MSMer who said this) because despite all the terrible things happening to people under the knife of ISIS, our ostrich does nothing. Supposedly, his own "wicked slice" on the back nine will make the terrorists tremble in their dresses. Or something.
I love Brett Stephens' articulate enthusiasm for America's future. We are NOT in decline. We just need someone who knows what the aitch he's doing in the White House.
And our illustrious empty suit is on the golf course. I think Hugh Hewitt is right--Obama is in Carter Library mode. No one is running the country (and Obama is certainly NOT responsible for anything that happens--or doesn't happen).
Lucky you! Our illustrious Moonbeam Brown is such a tool, he "accepted" the ALS icebucket challenge and then dumped a cup of water on his dog. And he's leading in the polls against a RINO who voted for Obama in '08 and for TARP. We cannot win.
Obama said in one (or both) of his biographies that he would "side with the Muslims" in any conflict. I guess golfing while the world burns is his idea of "siding with" anyone because he certainly isn't about to step off his pedestal and commit himself to any cause. He speaks about atrocities like the beheading of a journalist like he's reading his wishes to the maid about what to buy at the grocery store. His smiling and nodding when the Bergdahl incident took place showed the world a side of his idea of "right and wrong" that even the STUPIDEST low-information voter and/or racist ballot caster should have seen from the start. I pray that someone discovers Obama was ineligible to run for President and that the damage he has inflicted in his goal of "fundamental change" of this country can be undone in less than a generation.
I love the video of the belligerent drunk (haven't seen pix of her in the spit mask, but I guess that was part of her performance, too). Liberals need to look at HER and then decide if this is what they want to be the Face of the Democrat Party in Travis County, Texas. I thought some Democrats would wake up when God was booed at the convention in 2012. Was wrong there, but this is much more "in your face"--and she is NOT presenting a very good picture.
This is SO TYPICAL of liberals like Jerry Brown. Douse your dog instead of yourself (it's not like Jerry's fearful of losing a hairpiece or something). Brown probably boiled his driver's license instead of burning his draft card in the 60s. What a tool.
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Am I The Only One Who Doesn’t Care?

KYoung43 Wrote: Aug 21, 2014 8:26 AM
I don't have television, but I have followed the story on talk radio and computer websites. I knew the moment that the black man was killed by the white police officer where this story was going and that most of what I was hearing was not going to pan out. The "witness" who later was shown to be part of the strongarm robbery with Michael Brown of the convenience store said Mr. Brown had been shot in the back. How stupid is that to say when autopsy results would show his "eye witness account" to be false. However, the "witness" knows that sowing seeds early--before the facts are in--will create believers who will jump up in the air, victim cards at the ready, and make a martyr of a young man whose parents are in denial. Add to that Al Sharpton and his "gentle giant" narrative (Al can't even come up with an ORIGINAL term. He is the King of the Cliche), and you're in for a wild ride. Not sure why Eric Holder is there, but it cannot be for any good purpose. So, yeah, I'm backing out, too, because if there is no audience there is no need for showboating.
Both Obama (and the Mrs.) and Holder (as well as Sharpton and Jackson, Waters, Jackson Lee and other blacks) have gotten where they are BECAUSE of their color. Affirmative Action has been their friend--to the detriment of the country at large. Their "upward mobility" is proof (to the perpetual victims of race) that honesty, moral fiber and character are immaterial. Some blacks are just luckier than others. Wrong message, of course, but it's their message. Racebaiting is an ugly profession.
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