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USPS: Where The Customer Is Always Last

KYoung43 Wrote: Sep 22, 2014 8:14 AM
The gal who delivers the mail on our route is very friendly and I enjoy chatting with her now and then. I RARELY go into the post office. I'd rather go to the DMV (smaller building; lines about the same length) if I wanted to be mistreated. You get better service from private businesses than you do from anything government. This is why the USPS is losing money (who mails ANYTHING anymore--except the occasional birthday card or the cards at Christmas??) They think (like Democrats) that raising the price of stamps and (what passes for) service will help them pay the pensions for retired USPS types. They haven't yet figured out that it WILL NOT WORK.
And don't be put off by those who call you an alarmist for being a pro-active community PROTECTOR as outlined by Mr. Giles above. Anyone who speaks out against the "prevailing view" of a bunch of people is in danger of being so-called. I was called an extremist when I tried to point out what would happen should Barack Obama join the ugly twin girls Nancy and Harry to control the country in '08. The message STILL hadn't gotten to the low-information voters, parasites and racists who repeated their votes in '12 while the GOP base stayed home. Wonder if any of the polls reflect the changed views of those who called "alarmist" and pointed fingers when I tried to point out a little history to people.
Said it before, but it bears repeating. I have held my nose MANY times over the years when voting for a Republican candidate that wasn't MY candidate but who was NOT A DEMOCRAT--at least at first glance. (Arnold Schwartzenegger comes to mind here. Had he stuck to conservative principles and taken on the unions as did Scott Walker in WI, Ca might be a different state today. But Arnie proved to be another Obama--a girlie man at his core--and he caved). If I lived in MS, I would hold my nose with BOTH hands and pull the lever for Cochran with my KNEE. Cochran may be a cockroach in his personal life, but his record of conservative votes is quite enough of a reason for him to be re-elected. It's that simple.
Yeah, Al Franken "narrowly won," all right, with boxes of "forgotten ballots" coming into counting headquarters for days after the election. That was a b.s. win but once again the GOP took the high road and let it pass. I'm so sick of the Wimpy Party getting its hat handed to it over and over again. The Democrats aren't even TRYING to fool the people.
From his first moment as President, nominating the recycled Clintonistas and scofflaws--oh, sorry. That was redundant--to make up his cabinet, Obama has made it clear that he will NOT ask someone to step down. He likes having all these incompetents around him so the glare of the spotlight is shared. He gets to flit off to rub elbows with the stars and enjoy the glitz and glam of the Hollywood-Vegas-Palm Springs crowd while the world is falling apart around us. DWS serves a very useful purpose, too, and is paid handsomely for being thrown under that big black Canadian bus that Obama used to tour the country leading up to the 2012 election. This is all done with purpose--and malice--aforethought. The transformation of America at the hands of a bunch of windbags (besides Obama and DWS) is nearing completion.
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Is DWS Getting Fired?

KYoung43 Wrote: Sep 19, 2014 8:24 AM
When was she EVER a "unifier"?
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Which Is the Weaker Party? Your Call

KYoung43 Wrote: Sep 19, 2014 8:21 AM
The problem I see is that the Democrats have a spin machine that works overtime ALL the time, spinning lies, damned lies and falsehoods (like what party stood up for Civil Rights, Voters Rights, freeing the slaves, etc.). The GOP sits quietly by placing its faith in the populace to figure out the truth. Low information voters cannot figure out the truth because they have not been taught how to think critically (starting with LOOKING AROUND THEM at the results of Democrat laws, edicts and policies--how many wealthy people do you see sitting home waiting for their next EBT check--not counting the welfare cheats, of course) and they have been given a false story of American history because the dems control who writes and then approves the history texts. Latest example, Obama's middle name, which he used when he was sworn in both times, is omitted from the history texts for sixth graders. Why is that, I wonder? We don't need a spin machine, we need a COUNTER spin machine to speak up early and often when the Democrats refer to us as the party of Jim Crow (hint: it ain't our side, it's THEM) or talk about the "rainbow of faces" on the left side of the aisle (DWS in one of her less divisive statements, though she is wrong--Mia Love and Allen West were defeated by two white Democrats, but there are still plenty of minorities on the Right). The PROBLEM is, race is no reason to elect someone to anything (or HIRE someone, either). We have had a dark-skinned (he's not really African, he's ARAB) male (I think) sitting in the Oval Office for six-plus years now. How's THAT worked out for us?
If Obama were a leader, he would have replaced Holder (for his many transgressions, not the least of which--nor the first of which--is Fast and Furious) and Geithner. In fact, those two would never have been nominated because they should not have passed even a perfunctory background check. In today's mess, he should fire Kerry and Hagel and listen to his generals. But Obama is NOT a leader. He has this unicorns-and-fairy-dust vision of the world and his place in it, and is telegraphing our approach to the ISIS-ISIL-world peace problem so the enemy will always be at least one step ahead of us throughout. God help us survive this next two years.
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RNC Launches "The Road to Six" Campaign

KYoung43 Wrote: Sep 16, 2014 12:51 PM
Oh, great. NOW we're seeing "conservative." Why stop at six? Why not SIXTEEN? I'd like to change the landscape in California's US Senate party affiliation, but neither bee word is running this year.
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Prickly Narcissist

KYoung43 Wrote: Sep 16, 2014 7:45 AM
From birth Obama has been treated as something "special." I can imagine his cadre of female supporters (Mom, aunties, grannies) were armed to the teeth when anyone of authority (teachers, police, to name but two) dared criticize anything he did. His every utterance was greeted with great praise and these women puckered over and powdered his skinny rear end throughout their lives. He can do no wrong. Just ask him. As a legend in his own mind, he found plenty of sycophants to take over after his relatives died. Today we have a malignant (and prickly) narcissist who thinks his very presence is enough to quash thousands of years of discord and distrust among the Islamic tribes that are trying to find their way today. ISIS is the putrescence that has bubbled to the surface like a festering boil. Obama is the core.
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Why Ezra Klein is an Idiot

KYoung43 Wrote: Sep 15, 2014 8:48 PM
Ezra Klein is such a spinmeister, he's drilled himself right into the ground.
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