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The Turbulent Summer of 2014

KYoung43 Wrote: Jul 17, 2014 8:37 AM
I am not a manipulator by nature and don't always read into the actions of those who are capable of doing what looks like ONE thing and have it turn into something completely different, catching me (and others like me) on the blind side. Before the influx of illegals, there was a headline about rumors being spread south of the border that if you come with (or send) your children to the US, you/they will be allowed to stay. Two weeks later, here we are, being invaded not only by children but by heavily tatted gang members and other who bring with them head lice, scabies, tuberculosis, swine flu and other conditions that will wreak havoc on those in the US whose immune systems are already compromised or who are elderly. There are so many lies being promulgated by the left (some are still stuck on Hobby Lobby--they didn't get their way with THIS ruling, so now they hate all men, especially the nasty five on the SCOTUS) it's hard to keep track of them. And the system, as I see it, is falling apart. Anything said now by a government official, may be nonsensical in the moment, but it is undoubtedly another seed being planted to further burden the hard-working taxpayers of this country. Every damned Democrat in office (or running for election or re-election) should be sent packing. They are disgusting.
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Mrs. Obama Declares War on Chick-fil-A

KYoung43 Wrote: Jul 16, 2014 8:26 AM
Would someone rush down to Mooch's favorite restaurant, order up a passle of fried fat cakes and send them to her? As long as her mouth is full of food, she tends to leave the rest of us alone.
The flood of illegals will continue and while some are truly qualified to be given sanctuary because of fear for their lives in their former countries, there are a host of gangbangers and terrorists who are scattered throughout the "flood" and who will set up cells throughout the country. Look at the unhappy muslims rioting in Paris. Does any thinking American believe that same sort of thing cannot happen here?
When the Democrats are in power.
I hate it when cheaters prosper, but right now McDaniel needs to get on the Cochran bandwagon (I would suggest wearing rubber gloves and shoe protectors) and help us retain the GOP Senate seat in Mississippi. Hold your nose, Chris, and do what's right for the party.
Mrs. Palin needs a vocal coach to help with the screeching and she needs help with her delivery. I can tell when a joke is coming by her body language and the Zig-Zigleresque pause just prior to the punch line. If I can READ what she has to say, I'm always impressed with her common sense and plain speaking.
Alinsky's Rule #13 is something about "demonizing and marginalizing" the opponent, getting him/her on the defensive and pushing harder from there. The moment you question the competence of someone of color and they call you a racist, they are starting Rule #13. When you answer, "I'm not a racist," you have played right into their hands. They take advantage of your White Guilt (or the "non-black" guilt) and they have won the battle. Your response should never be "I'm not a racist." Say instead, with great assertiveness, "I'm not playing the race card. YOU are." Blacks today, especially those in positions where their weaknesses are GLARINGLY obvious (e.g., Barack Obama and Eric Holder, to name but two in politics; we could mention Al Sharpton and any number of liberal correspondents on Fox News, for example) use the race card to change the subject. Suddenly their opponents are on the defensive for a bit of American history neither they nor, most probably, any of their relatives were responsible for or involved in. The ancestors of the black person using the R word probably weren't slave stock either, but that doesn't matter. You are questioning COMPETENCE (not color) and have facts to back up your assertions. Liberals (and racists) can't argue facts. Point out that Obama's father's family OWNED slaves. Ask the real racist in the room if they know about Ghana and the part it played in the slave trade. Suggest they use Google, a liberal search engine, as a source to learn more before putting a finger in your face and accusing you of something of which they themselves are guilty.
I had a couple of retired military "friends" who voted for Obama because they were sick of Bush and thought this would send a message to the GOP. I pointed out what the Democrats typically (and traditionally) do to military and they poo-poohed by concerns, telling me I was being an alarmist. I just wonder how these two morons feel today. Thank God they are retired. This imbecile Obama is putting us ALL in harm's way with his budget cuts, his insistence on changing the rules of engagement and avoiding letting the military punish its own. Nidal Hassan is still being cared for by the military and earning his pay, last I heard.
Sorry. Misread that as "Arkansas."
Tom Cotton all the way. Period.
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10 Things to Know for Today

KYoung43 Wrote: Jul 14, 2014 9:45 AM
Negotiating with terrorists is like demanding an apology. All we get is lip service.
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