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Obama has never lived "in the real world." His mother and the other doting old ladies who raised him made excuses for him--defending his right to his own reality and probably facing down anyone who tried to intervene to make this lying piece of work own up to his transgressions. They did him no favors and today we have this entitled manchild who has no fear because he has no shame. He has been caught in numerous lies but is not held accountable by the MSM, his party or any party of opposition, though that may be changing. Problem is, it's changing too slowly, too little, and too late. I just hope we can last another 23 months (and a few days) until another president is inaugurated and we can start to clean up the MESS the Democrats have made of this country. Government is NOT the answer to our problems. Unions aren't the answer, either.
If critical thinking (and critical LISTENING) were part of the education system, there would be fewer low-information voters who would miss the estrogen-challenged Rachel Maddow or any other MSNBC spokeshole's "editing" of a statement immediately after the original statement was played. The GOP has sat silently by while the left has taken over public education. I fear there are too many dummies out there. Two terms of Obama prove me correct.
The thing about his party being rejected in November--Democrats don't go by facts or truth. The drubbing in November in EITHER midterm election didn't sway the Democrats. Biden isn't smart enough to get out of his own way.
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Restate of the Union

KYoung43 Wrote: Jan 21, 2015 8:06 AM
Obama would never admit he made an error. He is perfect. From his birth he was pampered and praised, his messy bottom powdered and puckered over by his doting mother (until she dumped him and went away) and aunties and grannies, most of whom were overweight, I would judge by the women he selects to surround his presence. (Michelle does not count as a woman). I can imagine that any teacher or person of authority who called home to report Obama's misbehaviors was greeted with a shrieking chorus of witches who made the person's life very uncomfortable because Obama was raised in the era of Affirmative Action when Black was Beautiful and all that other alliterative nonsense. The "persons" might have been white and in fear of being called Racists, they backed off, teaching little Boy Barry an important lesson about how to take advantage of white guilt. He became a community organizer who could blather and make stuff up, walking out of the room having promised the moon but having no stake in keeping those promises. And the low information members of the community sat in the comfortable room enjoying free refreshments and the heat or air conditioning provided and dared not question what he said (or what he had promised, should they attend his second appearance some months later) for fear that they wo uld be asked to pay for what they had consumed and then leave the comfortable place and go back to their hovel--which was paid for by taxpayers and trashed by members of their community--because as most of us know, we take better care of things we bought and paid for than things we have been given. Barry will never admit he has failed at anything. Narcissists never fail. The fault lies with others. Democrats never fail, either. They don't know how to take personal responsibility. Charlie Rangel sheds a few tears because he got caught for tax fraud; he gets re-elected. THAT is the lesson the Democrats know well.
Let's make sure Reince and the RNC as well as the GOP Establishment get the facts to the low information voters (in a rap song, x-rated lyrics and a bunch of scantily dressed crotch-grabbing bimbos to keep the attention of said "voters") so they see first hand what a LYING pos they have foisted upon this country.
Yawn, snore, bloviation, snore, when's the next commercial? This man's speeches all sound remarkably the same--lies, more lies and falsfied statistics.
Two thoughts: 1) POLAR VORTEX of 2014. (Remember the frozen Great Lakes?) 2) Refusal to believe that restrictions that actually WORSEN the environment should be removed--because to remove them would make the environment more toxic. (This is the belief of voters in Stockton, California. The dummies who run things voted to ban use of burning wood in private homes' fireplaces to improve air quality. Air quality, predictably, got WORSE after the ban. The ban is still in place, years later. Residents have to apply for a permit for a gas insert so they can use their fireplaces. When pointing out the air quality problem, one resident said without the ban, the air would be worse even though it got worse when the ban was put in place. Liberal logic, the refusal to use her head for anything but something to give her hairdresser a job,--why this country is in such a mess. IDIOTS RULE.
You're correct that the GOP lacks courage. The establishment wing has taken the high and silent road to defeat for decades and then gone after the Tea Party Patriots for their unwillingness to let the "stuff" flow over us again and again. How about confirming the two fat liberal broads who now park their carcasses on the SCOTUS bench (for life, sadly), with the rationale that the GOP wanted to show willingness to work with the new president? Or ignoring the Fast & Furious, IRS, Benghazi, foreign affairs, illegal immigration, the VA and a myriad of other scandals plus his thumb-to-the-nose, butt-to-the-camera behaviors that pass for "diplomacy" because Barry and his Sycophants have pointed the spotlight to other NON-issues (including "attacks on innocents" that use re-enactors--complete with photo proof). I hope there is a rowdy crowd tonight.
Democrat thieves (redundant, I know) do NOT learn from history. Death tax increases not only tick people off, they don't increase the coffers because people are very good at estate planning and they make certain there is minimal deal tax--tiered inheritance or whatever it's called. Second, not everyone needs to, should or WANTS to attend college, junior or otherwise.
The CBC is composed mostly of low-information liberals. Do they even realize that MLK was a Republican?
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