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Barbara Boxer spoke out against the Keystone Pipeline, saying it would release 40 percent of the dirtiest oil in the world or something. Maybe 40 percent of the oil was dirty. At any rate, she almost sounds like she knows what she's talking about, but she doesn't. What's dirty is her black little heart.
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Poverty Causes Crime?

KYoung43 Wrote: Nov 18, 2014 9:01 AM
The liberal: "You have what I want. I can't afford to get it myself. I'll take YOURS and you can buy another one." Nothing wrong with that logic, to the liberal. To change that mindset, one must start in the home. Growing up and seeing the benefits (to self-esteem as well as well-being) of hard work and achieving something of worth on one's own is an important lesson.
The longer Obama blathers when asked a simple yes or no question, the more WE know he's lying. Charles Krauthammer's advice still holds for Obama: "Tell the truth. It's easier to remember." Archived columns and soundbites, cached websites and other social media records are a b-word for the Democrats who wouldn't admit they were guilty of their hand was caught in the cookie jar and their faces covered with crumbs.
Right after 9/11, some wormy little sand person in a white outfit spoke at the memorial. There was video of him talking about America being due for a comeuppance (can't remember his exact words, but it was a long the lines of the "chickens coming home to roost" hate speech of Obama's religious mentor Jeremiah Wright). The sand person was in Central Park, wearing that same outfit, speaking to anyone who would stop to listen. I realize it's important that "all sides be heart," but I'm glad someone smartened up and the mosque on the Twin Towers site was round-filed. UAR knows the players in this world domination game. Let's eliminate CAIR from our list of PC groups.
The Democrats think by distancing themselves from Gruber the Idiot (by "dissing"' him early and often as "never heard of him" and "some adviser") that they will make the bad problem go away. I hope Gruber gets his fill of being discounted and stops up to fling a little fecal matter of his own.
Not sure Democrats understand budgeting the way most of us handle our household finances--one cannot have a finite sum of money (paycheck, retirement return, whatever) and make it stretch to cover additional people while lowering costs when we shop for groceries or pay our other bills. The store doesn't lower its prices for me because I have less in my wallet when I shop.Somehow the idiot voters believed Obama's Big Lie ("If you like your plan/doctor, you can keep your plan/doctor") and that costs for a family of four would drop by $2500. Where in the real world does THAT happen?? Hope the GOP is standing by with giant "connect the dots" charts and simple messages (words of one syllable) to explain simple economics to the low information voters who gave us this PO(S)TUS for eight years.
Two thoughts: Food giveaways, heavy people in wheelchairs happy with "whatever they're gonna give me." Black students, just after the start of LBJ's Great Society and the War on Poverty not wanting to take a minimum wage job for doing, basically nothing. My mother worked for the school district at the time and she was told that everything the children did (stuffing envelopes, mainly) had to be rechecked by her before the envelopes could be stamped and mailed. Mother said she would stuff the envelopes herself. And she did. No accountability, just give the money.
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Did Obama Take a Dive?

KYoung43 Wrote: Nov 17, 2014 10:29 AM
Present bill after bill to Obama (starting with some, if not all, of the bills that were shelved by FORMER Senate Leader Harry Reid (what a wonderful title he now wears) and let Barry use "his pen" to veto them. Make sure the bills are simple, presented in words of one syllable so the lowest of low information voters can understand what the bill would do if signed into law and let the country see who runs the Party of NO. (Hint: It ain't the GOP).
With Democrats, it's all about power and control. From LBJ's comment that the War on Poverty (specifically writing checks to unwed mothers, especially black ones) would insure blacks voting Democrat forever (and his brush-off of Daniel Moynihan's assessment that the WoP would decimate the black family unit--let the record show) indicates that individuals do not matter. It's the masses that count. The GOP would be well served to start calling the Democrats what they are, lying Godless despots, Socialists who will say or do anything--promising the moon--to get their way. The GOP isn't perfect, but I'd rather follow a conservative than someone with a D after his/her/its name.
We are assuming the 10+ percent of unemployed blacks want to work at entry-level jobs the incoming pardoned illegals (thank, Barry O) would take. Those jobs are available now and I don't see blacks lined up to take them. The problem I see is that the MSM is ignoring this story just like they're not covering "Mac the Blabbermouth" Gruber and his uncharitable comments about the stupidity of the American low information voter. Those who spoke out against Obamacare were labeled racists and homophobes, greedy rich people who didn't want to share. Obama said that at some point the rich should be taxed because "they have made enough money." He doesn't speak that way to the Google geeks or the likes of Steve Jobs or others at Apple, but the rest of the masses are fair game. Until the GOP makes the words of Gruber "early and often" fodder for those who watch cable television, in ad sound bites or columns and interviews where someone besides the choir is listening or watching, nothing will change. I've known Democrats and their thug followers were corrupt, lying through their teeth and saying ANYTHING to get elected. LBJ started it all, doubling down on the wartime policies of FDR and creating the mess Obama has made worse today.
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How Democrats Defeated Themselves

KYoung43 Wrote: Nov 17, 2014 7:39 AM
.... eating away at their heart. Democrats are, as followers of their political philosophy, unhappy and miserable because they don't succeed unless they tear down others who aren't doing as they think we should be doing. Watching a Nancy Pelosi trying to speak "off the cuff" (denying she knew Jonathan Gruber when it took two seconds to find video clips from '09 proving she was lying) is comical to me--but we need to have these clips along with simple "connect the dots" charts and graphs to show the low information voters who think the San Francisco granny is on their side is anything BUT. She cares about feathering her own nest (and her husband wants her in DC so he can live his life in peace, just BETCHA!).
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