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Whether one agrees with America's Mayor or not, he is totally entitled to say WHAT HE THINKS, which is exactly what he did. I'm not sure what you mean, Mr. Benson, about "for the record" ... his comments were "demagogic and unproductive." It was HIS OPINION, right, wrong, agree, disagree, whatever.
However, I'm sure she knew the risks before she left home.
At least Kayla was trying to "do good works" for 7th century folks. She wasn't a misguided (and misdirected) hiker who "accidentally" ended up on the wrong side of the border.
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Liberals, Stop Lying About Everything

KYoung43 Wrote: Feb 23, 2015 8:36 AM
Without reading the article, I have an answer to the first paragraph's question. Obviously the liberal lyin' elites are correct about the stupidity of American voters who pull the lever for the D candidate whether it is because he is dark skinned (and they believe he is "black" when he's actually half Arab), because they believe the hype of "share the wealth" and they think their 'big ticket' is just around the corner OR that is as far down the alphabet as they ever got in school and it's a letter they recognize because their report cards were covered with lots of Ds. Anyone with half a clue knows that the liberal approach to anything is higher taxes and wasted spending of same. There is no party of opposition to stand on the soapbox and refute their claims.
Katie Pavlich may not have written the headline.
So was Tammy Baldwin elected because she was the best candidate or because she was gay? Seems to me at some point voters are going to learn to look beyond skin color and sexual preference. Just a thought.
My sentiments exactly, Mr. Hunter. You may love someone who "needs tweaking" like better table manners or more attention to personal hygiene, but those tweaks don't change the person's essence, to use your term. I think those who voted for Obama are envious of the successes of others and feel their "lot in life" would be better if the playing field were level. Hard work should not be punished, that's the bottom line. Someone else's success should show others the way to achieve the same thing.
And another little fact that is not covered by the MSM (on air or in print) is that Obama is half ARAB and the Arabs dealt in slaves. More than one former slaves became slaveowners in America's early days (google "colonist Anthony Johnson" for a specific story or googld "black slaveowners" to learn more). It was not just whites going out and finding people of color to enslave. As Paul Harvey used to say, "and now, for the REST of the story." Problem is, Obama's ancestry is not a convenient story--it doesn't fit the narrative. And the low-information types who think he's just doing a peach job aren't able to research or ask questions about the cr*p they're told. We need critical thinkers and they are missing on the Democrat plantation.
And I hope there is a LARGE "footprint" on social media that points out the petty "finger in the eye" playground bully behavior of the current occupants of the People's House at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
Let's see Obama try to poke his finger in the eye of Bibi's visit and see how the ratings play out. I think there will be people who otherwise wouldn't watch C-SPAN or whatever channel covers the event who would watch it instead of another Obama blather. People tire of his vapidity and want to hear a real leader speak truth (for a change). As for being Jewish and Democrats, Vertavi who commented below said it first: These people are DEMOCRATS first. Race-conscious power- and control freaks. They are Jewish in name and heritage ONLY.
A lot of people have crappy childhoods, less than suitable upbringings and really bad breaks throughout their lives (through no fault of their own, as the POTUS likes to say when trying to convince us that bringing in millions of illegals is a good thing), and THESE folks don't grow up to be killers, murderers, and more. I'm sure somewhere there was a firmly grounded adult who tried to intervene with Eddie Rae and was rebuffed by perhaps the man himself or one of his connections (parent, close friend, ??) Regardless, he has shown that he is not fit to live, let alone live in a free society. Not sure Texas should have to pay for this guy for the rest of this life (Charles Manson and his girls are in their 70s-80s now. Livin' the good life in the state prison system at the taxpayers' expense). Since clean air is a concern of the Democrat greenies, let's stop polluting with the likes of the lifers and those on trial for heinous crimes.
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