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It's pretty much a given that anything Obama says about ANYTHING is incorrect. Whether he's just clueless and filling up air time with blather or he's purposely misleading the masses, knowing the MSM will lap up anything he spews, he isn't to be taken seriously. The world leaders (allies and foes alike) have figured this out already. Why is it taking Americans so long to catch on--there are still nearly 40 percent of voters who think Obama is a nice guy. Narcissists aren't nice guys, and liars aren't either.
Has anyone spoken with Mrs. Sadat to ask how she feels about Carter's intervention in the Middle East when he was president?
If people (blacks, Hispanics, women, to name but three groups) really and TRULY cared about feeding themselves and their families, about a better life, taking advantage of the opportunities that abound for those willing to put forth a little effort (going to school, working hard, getting additional training on the job, etc.), they would not vote for Obama or be part of the 39 percent (or whatever the number has fallen to lately) who approve of the job Barry O is doing. He is pandering to his base--those willing to sit idly by waiting for the first of the month when their EBT cards once again show a positive balance and they can head to the casino or strip club and cash out. Not all people on assistance are parasites that abuse the system, but a good number are--when the Dems voted to extend unemployment bennies for 99 weeks, they were essentially paying people to stay home. Human nature is that one doesn't work until one HAS to ...
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A Series Of Chafing Dishes

KYoung43 Wrote: Aug 07, 2014 7:43 AM
"We are a nation with borders and laws. And we are not hyphenates—we are Americans. It’s time we reject the bigotry of progressivism and reclaim both." From your lips to the voters' ears. Excellent column, Derek. Luis Guiterrez is enjoying his 10 minutes of fame. He is a laughingstock among those who think critically. Laura Ingraham, who often gets so tied up in her own quest for camera time, took him to task several months ago on a Fox News program and he never did figure out that he'd been skewered like a hot dog.
Who the aitch is running the show these days? PC has taken over the military?
I wouldn't mind housing and paying for lifers if prisons were self-supporting and if prisoners didn't contribute, they wouldn't eat. I'd also like to get rid of the flatscreen televisions, gyms and free medical/dental. A number of years ago a Mexican national killed his mother in law, wife and tried to murder his children (this was in the Bay area). He ran away to Mexico and then realized that his crime was so heinous his family would not help him if he were imprisoned in his home country, so he came back across the border and turned himself in. Perhaps we should treat criminals as criminals and let churches and families care for the incarcerated. As for the "botched executions," I don't "get" that at all. What these "people" suffer is nothing compared to that of their victims and the victims' families.
The hypocrisy of the Democrat Party is reaching new heights with the insistence that the opposition approves of "killing children" (Gaza, the border) while the Dems are strident proponents of abortion up to and including AFTER birth. (Kermit Gosnell, anyone?) I'm not surprised that the Nancy Pelosi segment of the Democrat Party isn't smart enough to step away from the microphones, lips zipped. Prayers to Javier Varga's family.
Because their union told them to.
I was just thinking the same thing.
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An Open Letter to the Political Right

KYoung43 Wrote: Aug 03, 2014 8:08 AM
A superior column, Mr. Hunter, and one that many of us "nose-holder voters" have been espousing for a long time. If I were a McDaniel conservative in Mississippi, for example, I would go to the polls November 5, hold my nose with BOTH hands and use my CHIN to pull the lever (or put the pen in my teeth to darken the area on the ballot) next to Cochran's name. We simply cannot have another two years of Obama and the Dems running wild and free across our individual liberties. Grow a spine, conservative candidates and realize that the MSM will NEVER be on your side and the term "Racist" will be tossed about freely. Sticks and stones and all that. Conservative voters, stand up for your principles, values and core beliefs (H/T Rush Limbaugh) and go to the polls November 5. Do NOT sit home like you did in November 2012 and allow this poser and his power-hungry toadies to steal another election.
How much longer do we have to put up with this PO(S)TUS?
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