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CNN Presents The NEW & IMPROVED Obama: "Cautious & Cold In His 1st Term, Humble & Chill In His 2nd"

KYoung43 Wrote: Mar 01, 2013 9:21 AM
I didn't vote for Obama. Have NEVER voted Democrat. I don't think Obama won the election because there was fraud and our weenie leaders didn't pursue things like voter photo ID and voting machines (which are apparently very easily calibrated to vote ONLY Democrat regardless of which lever is pulled or which name is touched on the screen). No one followed through--they let the Liberal cries of RACISM (which are false on their face) make them step back and remain silent so the fraud could continue. Obama is a poser--the Poser of the United States. We need GOP leaders with SPINES. (Anagram that).

This "report" could easily have been an Obama campaign ad. You have to watch the whole thing: just when you think they are reaching too high, they grab a ladder and continue climbing. Watch Obama's White House press poodle Jessica Yellin try not to blush during the 7-minute CNN love fest for their infallible god-man Dear Leader. And Jake Tapper (say it ain't so) appears with Yellin to pile on the praises.

Behold ye multitudes of little people: