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The sad fact of the matter is this; you can ban, even destroy all guns, box-cutters, ropes, planes, jet-fuel, clubs and even knives. But you will not disarm evil. I for one WANT my guns to be far more lethal than anything some mentally deranged nut, filled with evil intent, who goes on a rampage around me. Because I WILL use them. I prefer pepper spray, but if I can't close that distance....guns work also. Think about the man in Oregon, who stopped a shooter in a mall. The nutso shooter, saw a gun being trained on him, and decided that he was in a game of points and that he would deprive anyone else of getting points on him, by shooting himself. The guy with the gun, is elated that he had a gun!
People always seem to forget that DNA is now accepted proof in a court of law, that a unique, individual human being was present or held, or touched, etc. So, think.. please use your logic..when the sperm and the egg unite, UNIQUE DNA is formed. Thus, by the court's logic..a unique, individual HUMAN BEING! Thus, the abortionists ARE murdering the most humans in a year.
The terms have been officially changed...people in hospitals now 'leave feet first, voluntarily'
As to your last question, "Is there anyone who doesn't wish someone else at Sandy Hook, had a gun?" You might have missed it, but evidently Mayor Bloomburg does. He is quoted as saying that had the principal of Sandy Hook had a gun (or any other teacher) he doesn't see that it would have changed anything. And I would like to remind those who keep saying "Well, maybe assualt weapons...if we ban those, incidents like this wouldn't happen." No, not necessarily. Carrying extra clips and changing them is fairly easy, and people simply learn to squeeze the trigger faster, and change their clips faster. Second, what would you tell the man, see on TV, during the LA riots, who was on top of his roof, with an assault rifle, defending his family"
I'd think more of this article, if the author could use the correct homonym. There, they're and their are NOT interchangable. He should have used their in at least 3 places, instead of there. Honestly, townhall, PLEASE vet your articles better.
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A Vast Moral Difference

Kymberly2 Wrote: Nov 22, 2012 10:24 PM
I was laughed at, several years ago, when I said Hezbollah and Hamas ran the same pattern, but this has proved it yet again. Hamas and Hezbollah are dedicated to exterminating every Jew in the world, and destroying Israel completely. These are their ONLY goals. Thus, when the populace begins to look for leaders who will provide these, Hamas goes back to the old standby. They attack Israel, until Israel finally returns fire. THEN they cry 'Victims' and start firing back on Israel, and convince the people they are 'protecting' them. How sad that they have nothing else. How very sad that the Palestinians actually keep falling for such idiocy.
I've found a lot of people are like me, at first, I felt that Romney had jumped the gun, but NOW, I figure he said and did the very best things that could have been said and done. None of this was in response to the film..not really. It has been far too well organized to be spontaneous. Quite evidently there have been political and religious radical jerks, organizing and planning and just waiting for any flimsly reason to scream, blow up and strike out at the nation that helped, supported and willingly gave them aid; I am reminded of a wild dog, when freed from a trap, it will trun and attack the one who freed it, out of sheer bile. The animal's actions I can overlook, the humans actions I will forgive, but NOT overlook.
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